April in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

29 June – 3 July:   Healing in the four dimensions: A five days intensive

15 – 17 July:   Weekends of Silence


A new generation

In April a new, younger generation came to enjoy Amonines. They brought with them a cheerful, easy going atmosphere. The huge pile of extra ordered wood was effortlessly transferred from the parking spot to the barn woodshed. And in the evening musical instruments appeared with which they made beautiful soft music.
The atmosphere that was thus created perfectly matched the guests we had. They enjoyed the social happenings, the work outside and the ease with which they became part of the natural flow in which life presented itself.
We see more often that young people visit Amonines as a result of the goal we set together with our stagiaire in 2019.



In the garden it is happening

In the celebration of spring, the garden attracts people and animals. The ducks, already mentioned in the previous newsletter, began to build a nest.
After reading on the internet what 2 ducks and 12 chicks would demand from us, the garden, and especially the pond, our initial enthusiasm dropped considerably.
Now that the nest was there, we made a first attempt to protect it from birds of prey, but our intention is clear: we don’t want that nest in the garden. And it worked; the mother has left the nest, but they do keep coming to rest and eat.

A lot of seeds have been sown, except on the ‘non-gardening’ days, as indicated on the biodynamic calendar. On these days we decided to weed and turn the compost, with which we could not do much harm.

With the summer ahead of us and our experience of an extremely dry summer in 2020, we placed two rain barrels to collect the water from the gutters and use it in the garden.


Regular involvement
There is a very nice development with regard to Active Service. Katrin helps with the work in the garden and to plan and organize. She intends to come more regularly, to be involved in the longer term. We enjoy this a lot and hear from Katrin that it is a deepening experience in her relation to Amonines.
In the kitchen we have the help of Isabelle. She comes every Saturday to cook lunch or supper. It is of great help and gives room to get other work done. Living close to the Asharum and coming regularly gives her the feeling of being embedded. She says it is an important connection for her in these times.


Upcoming events
We are looking forward to the five day workshop Healing in the four dimensions at the end of June. In this workshop we will work with various tools for healing and the theoretical framework of SIWEB. Instruments include meditation, yoga, causal vision and energy management.
The grounding effect of the healing and insights into how you can deal with perception helps to build a bridge in order to reconnect with your natural state and create a different life.
Restoring this connection is where the meaning of life can be found.

You want to heal what needs to be healed in order to become whole, you want to experience the feeling of ‘coming home’? Then come and join us!

The weekend of Silence in July needs no introduction. After another of such beautiful and fully booked weekends, we can only advise you not to wait too long if you want to participate in July.

[Foto van YoonHwa en Leila]

Spring is already here and summer is coming, we hope to see you in Amonines!


February in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

30 april – 6 may:   Nâm Retreat of Silence

22 – 24 april: Weekend of Silence

9 april: Intervision


After some pretty stormy days and lots of rain now spring is in the air!
This invites guests for a nice nature walk or help out in the garden, to start cleaning up after
the winter season and to start some early spring plannings for the vegetable garden.
Last week was such a week where we had guests coming for private retreats, regular visits,
to help out a bit, enjoy nature and participate in our daily rhythm.

The purpose of every week(end) can be different here in Amonines.
One weekend for example we organised a Weekend of Silence, we do this regularly and
these weekends are popular and very often fully booked as was this weekend (including an
online participant). Those who joined the Zoom meeting last Saturday with Yoginâm could
see us in two meditation rooms because we did not all fit in the Lapirum downstairs.

In such a Weekend of Silence we facilitate a meditation rhythm of four meditations a day. We
maintain an absolute silence between Friday 7pm and Sunday 10.30AM and we suggest you
not to read and turn off your phone, just do nothing and give space to what is there in the
moment. One person gave her feedback on this weekend: “So nice to just be and let things
flow but not having to do anything with wat comes up like emotions, just let them pass again”.
These weekends, simple as they are, are often special by themselves. The next weekend of
silence will be held from 22 to 24 April.

The last weekend of this month we are renting out the Asharum to somebody who also gave
a workshop weekend for her clients last year in October. Unfortunately, she could not come
with as many participants as she planned so some guest rooms became available again for
regular bookings and private retreats.

We are renting out the Asharum six weekends (or week-days) a year which is also our
maximum for we need weekends also for own activities, general visits and private retreats.
Anyway, this too is a nice development. It is very nice to share this place with other people.


The first week of March we have another fully booked Reflection Week.
Five days in which, through imagination exercises, we are going to explore our relationship
with ‘Totality’. An exploration without giving direct words to what it is or should be, an
exploration in which we try to stay in the openness of ‘What is…”.
Besides these exploration exercises there will be a daily meditation rhythm, moments of
active service and moments for silent reflection.

On top of these activities we are more actively creating and promoting online activities. Our
Reflection Week and Weekend of Silence but also a Private Retreat can be participated in online.
And for those who find it difficult to start up a daily meditation rhythm they have the
possibility to get support from our side for the period of one month, which can be prolonged
of course. And once every six weeks there will be an intervision online. Last weekend was
the first time for this intervision. It was very nice, we all agreed it was very valuable and
inspiring to meet in such a way so… to be continued!

You can learn more about all the possibilities online here.

Extra guestrooms
And since we are more often fully booked and we cannot always use the second bed in the
rooms anymore we are planning to make two more guest rooms. This is getting more and
more concrete, we are waiting for a price offer still but we are also already actively working
on the preparations. Space is being made by emptying what used to be a cupboard before
and will become a guest room. But also cleaning up parts of the overside to where some
things will need to be stored. A router needs to be replaced as well as cables.
In the week of March 7th the first breaking off will be started by Goran and then in April and
May some local professionals will come and finish things in such a way that we officially
comply with fire regulations. Also since two rooms are directly bordering on the ‘appartement’
the walls will be sound absorbing to create some privacy.
So if all goes as planned we will have seven guest rooms by the end of this spring! Will you
be coming to try them out :)?!
Wishing you well and hope to see you this spring in Amonines!

November in Amonines

In December Asharum Amonines is open and during Christmas and the New Year you are very welcome to join us!
The New Year will start with the Nâm Silent Retreat, which is fully booked in Amonines, online you can still join.




November in Amonines

In the beginning of November Louise and Irma came back from Nijar and Katelijn left for Nijar. Therefore the Asharum was mainly closed during the first half of November, except for one fully booked Weekend of Silence.
Just before Katelijn went to Spain, the single yoga lessons were expanded with a yoga retreat of three or five days. We had hardly finished the retreat’s text, when bookings began to pour in. With a mixture of Private Meditation Retreats, Yoga Retreats and requests for shiatsu massage, the second half of November was making up for the first half, being continuously fully booked.

You can find this Yoga Retreat through the following link:

You can find the single Yoga classes through the following link:

You can find the shiatsu massage through the following link:



For the upcoming period, we have developed a variety of activities to suit all tastes. New ideas and initiatives resulted in the following programmes:

Multi-day programmes, like the Reflection week, the Nâm Retreat and the Private Meditation Retreat can be attended online.

New is a Group Supervision every six weeks for those who participated in a programme before and want to stay active with the practice and principles of LivingNâm. These supervisions can help you realise a deeper integration of this vision of life and the instruments used in LivingNâm.

An Individual support programme for those looking for more personal support. Dealing with crisis in the private sphere and/or world crises that have an impact on personal life can be reasons for such an individual support.

Online Yoga classes to stay in touch with the different layers of being (the different dimensions of experience) in silence.

You can enrol for our online activities right here:



After enjoying a very colourful autumn now winter is approaching with expected early snow soon. However, we think we can keep enjoying our cup of hot chocolate at the ‘Chocolaterie’ with an extra blanket!


October in Amonines

In early October, Amonines was rented out for a fully booked meditation retreat. The people were enthusiastic and happy with the tranquillity and beauty of the Asharum. They loved the food and the garden and they felt at home. During their retreat, they discovered that even the mosquitoes are very quiet in Amonines. During Active Service, the theme of food came up prominently as one of our guests wanted to make different recipes from the same apples. With meticulous care, the apples needed to be processed in various ways…



Authentic Living Follow Up

In the follow-up weekend of the introduction course to Authentic Living, participants gathered both physically and online. They explored and elaborated upon the intrinsic meaning of particular Nâm vocabulary such as the Double Illusion of Separation and Nâm Remembering. The words became tangible through Active Service during daily activities. We very much enjoyed piling firewood together, pressing apple juice, baking apple pie and cooking apple compote from the apples from our garden. We were wondered by the meaning that was engendered by putting the Nâm Perspective into practice. It inspired us to develop a kind of ongoing follow-up gathering by means of hybrid (live & online) meetings every six weeks in which a topic can be explored related to performing the Task of Living through
active Service. These gatherings will be open for everyone to join. More information will follow soon.



Weekend of Silence

3-5 December, still some places available.
During your stay in Amonines, whether it is a Weekend of Silence, a Personal Retreat or a regular visit, it is always possible to request a Personal HarpMood. We note reservations and enquire about Yoginâm’s availability. No promises can be made, but you could be in for a beautiful surprise.



September in Amonines

Nâm Retreat of Silence

We had a beautiful Nâm Silent Retreat. One of the participants came all the way from the Canary Islands. The Retreat taking place in Belgium and Spain simultaneously made it into a special experience, certainly because of Yoginâm’s live HarpMoods twice a day. The programme for a Nâm retreat is designed to carry one in a supportive way through the days of silence. A seemingly simple, yet telling response came from one of the participants, who said it had helped her a lot to relate to her situation from a different perspective.


Upcoming event

22-24 October: Follow-up course Authentic Living

In October we will be organising the follow-up course ‘Authentic Living’. The follow-up course is for those who already attended the starters Introduction to Authentic Living or similar courses like Nâm Care for the Dying. This is the last chance to follow this course in the format you are used to. If you want to have an in-depth exploration of Nâm Vision and learn how to use the various meditation methods of Nâm, then we would like to invite you to participate in the follow-up course Authentic Living.

‘The direction of the spiritual endeavour is Attunement’
‘It is exclusively through a beneficial manipulation of Attitudes and Behaviour that Attunement emerges’
Yoginâm – The Book of Nâm



‘’Doing Active Service as being part of the staff in Amonines gives me an opportunity for transformation and the observation of my inner attitudes and resulting behaviour. Especially with an event coming up: emotions build up; the computer breaks down; staff is cancelling, in other words, a perfect chance to practice peaceful acknowledgement and keep an open attitude against all odds. In the end there was good and loving teamwork with all of us involved, of which I wish I had taken some photos, but for that I have to work on my programmed conviction of ‘not having time’ first. We still need staff for the Silent Weekend of November 5th till 7th and the Nâm Silent Retreat starting January 3rd till the 9th. If you would like to come, but these dates do not suit you, please let us know. We also need help for regular weeks and other upcoming events. You are most welcome.

August in Amonines

After the incredible rains in July, with a lot of damage in this area, the sky is opening up bit by bit, nature blooms, and the Asharum is open more often.
Beautiful and welcome developments are the regular Belgian visitors, who sometimes are also interested to come and help as staff. Inspired by questions about volunteer work for over a longer period of time, we created a new page on the website about Active Service.


In this time of warnings to cross the border and navigating to stay open, we are also very happy to see people coming to Amonines again, to help, but also to participate in the Reflection week from August 11th till the 15th .
There was a lot of interest in the reflection week and it was for the first time since all the measures, that we allowed the Asharum to be fully booked, an old-fashioned sense of joy!



It was a beautiful week with a new programme based more on experiencing, than explaining concepts of Nâm. Zooming in on one aspect, which was Attunement this time, I am very much looking forward to the next!
In keeping with new developments, people also took part in a daily yoga class and some enjoyed a shiatsu massage to integrate the experience of Nâm, as someone mentioned.
For yoga or shiatsu during your stay, see our new page on the website.