October in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

25 – 27 November:   Asha Meditation Weekend of Silence

fully booked in Amonines – only online available

16 – 18 December:   Asha Meditation Weekend of Silence

2 – 8 January:   Nâm Retreat of Silence


October in Amonines

October was the month of the apples. We had an assembly line production of artisan applesauce. Experimenting with apricots, with sugar, without sugar and sultanas.



Work in the garden continues steadily. The last tomatoes are surprisingly still ripening. Next to the apple sauce, other treats include walnuts and rose hips prepared as tea. And, as the garden continues to attract animals from the surrounding area, we had some new visitors.


New: Breath Meditation Weekend
The Weekends of Silence now consist of the Asha Meditation Silence Weekend and the Breath Meditation Silence Weekend. The Asha Meditation Silence Weekend was formerly known as the Weekend of Silence. 

The Breath Meditation Silence Weekend is new. It is more intense, therefore it is for people who already have some experience with meditation and would like to work with it in depth. These weekends also provide support for people who have received the  Breath  to practise it in a communal setting.  

You can find further details on our website under the heading Weekends of Silence.

New: The exclusive guest retreat

Inspired by Yoginâm we decided to offer another form for your stay at the Asharum.
During a regular visit, normally you join for two hours every day in the work that needs to be done in and around the house and at your last day you clean your room.

Since regularly there are guests who like to visit us without these working activities we decided to facilitate this as well. With the new Exclusive Guest Retreat you can join the daily programme and all the meals fully and spend the time of the day the way you want.


Call: Home for young stray cat
Once again a cat has found its way to us in order to get cared for. He is quite young and not yet in optimal form. We feed him to make him strong and able to lead his life. He is beautiful, easy to befriend and looks a bit tough. We are looking for a home where he can be fairly independent (being a lot outside) and have the care and love of human beings. 

Are you open and longing for a new housemate? Please let us know!


What it means to become an Aspirant Carrier of Nâm

~  a text by Yoginâm ~

The Carriers of Nâm

A Carrier of Nâm is somebody who has taken a solemn Intent to search with one’s life for optimal Attunement in Abbah, with the aim of optimally contributing thereby to the performance of the Task of Human Living, in the interest of humanity as a whole.
A Carrier of Nâm thereby aims to live, with Attitudes and Behaviour, the full potential of human living. This is a supreme state of mature human living, however, to claim to be a Carrier of Nâm would be arrogant and such a claim would in fact be its own denial. Those who have made the Intent of Nâm therefore identify themselves as ‘Aspirant Carriers of Nâm (ACN)’.

Mustering the Intent and living life in accordance with Nâm is entirely individual, because everybody is unique as a human being, with circumstances that are unique to one’s life situation. But because all living is Resonance, your individual endeavour resonates in everything into infinity. Like a sound, resonance does not stop. This is the way in which you contribute to collective Asha that shapes human living.
You start the way of an ACN by stating a strong Intent to do so. An Intent is more than the expression of a desire. It is a firm commitment to shape your life according to Nâm. For this purpose, there are a number of instruments that guide your orientation and can lead you. Invariably these instruments do not present a truth or a rule of behaviour. They are rather living infusions that when applied to your daily life, gradually generate a change as from within.

Because our living happens as Resonance, it is advisable that when you make the Intent of Nâm, you do so in front of a witness, preferably somebody who knows what Nâm implies. What happens next is entirely up to the degree in which you take your stated Intent seriously and the degree in which you shape your life with Attitudes and Behaviour that is beneficial for the performance of the Task of Human Living.

The Breath

The major instrument for ACN is the Breath. With it you gradually allow yourself to become opened for Attunement in Awareness. Indeed, Experience has so many facets that it is easy to forget Awareness altogether. The Breath is a constant reminder.
You should always remember Abbah; you should remember that all activities, thoughts, emotions, desires, opinions, ideals and beliefs are relating to Abbah of which they are an expression. Therefore, it is best to consider them as resonance that resonate in all directions. Remembering this by means of the Breath is of major importance.
The Breath is a sound that is repeated inwardly in synchronisation of the physical breathing, and whenever possible strengthened by the use of a string of beads, the Nâm Beads. You cannot select the Breath from a book. In order to benefit from its full resonance, it should have been received by somebody who is authorised to do so, in a particular manner.

The Community of the Aspirant Carriers of Nâm

It is a natural aspect of the human species that we search for each other’s company, particularly when we have something in common. It was in fact what made the Homo Sapiens dominant over the Neanderthals. A community strengthens. When like- minded people gather, that in what they are like-minded is strengthened.
Though the way of the ACN is an individual one, Nâm Asharums have been founded and other activities are undertaken that allow ACNs to come together. Because it is an individual way there is no conformity that rules the community. ACN are discouraged to talk about their way and experience on their way. This would only be confusing for those whose way has a different form. Particularly when the ACN who presents the view is elderly or respected, this may be taken for something to be aspired for as well.

It is the Nâm Affirmation that implies that the ‘you’ that you are is the starting point, every new instant again. Your position is unique and from your position you aspire to live optimally the performance of the Task of Human Living. There are no rules or commandments other than reaching out for Harmony by shaping Attitudes and Behaviour optimally in the corresponding way.

This Harmony however is not necessarily the harmony that you consider as being harmonious. The Harmony of Nâm is the Attunement in Abbah (Attunement in Awareness). Obviously, one is kind and respectful; obviously one avoids anger and destruction; obviously one abstains for exploitation and suppression of others; obviously one generates giving disposition rather than a profiting one.

In the Nâm Affirmation only what is ‘evil’, or against live is rejected. An ACN is a servant of life, supporting life with the optimal performance of the Task of Human Living.

Participating and supporting a Nâm Community is a major instrument to dissolve the exclusive attention to the ‘I/World’ interests. It is indeed sharing in communal interest of Nâm that is for the ACN a golden way for reaching Attunement in Abbah. In such sharing you meet all the obstacles that are there for you to resolve and that constitutes your specific way towards Attunement in Abbah.
Aspirant Carriers of Nâm are expected to activate the community with activities and financial support. In the Asharums various activities are developed. Some of these activities are directly linked to creating possibilities for as many people as possible to come in contact with the beauty and effectiveness of Nâm as a guidance for living. Other activities provide an income with which the Asharum and the activities can survive.


Introduction into the Breath

~ A text by Yoginâm ~

The Breath 

The Breath is a sound that is repeated inwardly in synchronisation with the physical breathing. The Breath can be infused to everyone who aspires optimal harmony in their orientation of living.  

Breathing the Breath surpasses thoughts, emotions, desires and other kinds of human imagination. The Breath serves as an open door for the essence to infiltrate. As such, breathing the Breath is the most powerful and intimate instrument that you can use, because its direction is not linked to a particular meaning, but serves exclusively ‘openness’. Unconsciously and indirectly, the Breath facilitates the remembering of what you are. The Breath is a ‘secret’ that is infused and carried at the level of Heart. To preserve the value and the intimacy of the Breath, certain conditions are required:  

  • The sounds never touch the vocal cords and are never shared or communicated with or to others in writing or by voice. This is not because it is a secret that nobody may know but because by not communicating, the Breath retains the resonance with which it was infused. By communicating it, or writing it, you translate it to another level, with which it loses its value. A Breath that in this way lost its value cannot be restored.  

With the Breath you inwardly sing two sounds, that are only those sounds without a particular meaning attached to it. The alchemy that the Breath activates is entirely unconscious, outside the parameters of human experience.  


  • The Breath must have been received in a specific way and in a specific state of receptivity. Yoginâm is the Carrier of the Breath and he has authorised a number of people who may infuse an applicant with the Breath in his name. You can only receive the Breath in a particular manner from somebody who has explicitly been authorised by Yoginâm to give the Breath.  

Because the Breath is infused in the name of Yoginâm, there are no Soul impressions involved.   

The Breath can be sung the whole day. During the first weeks after having received the Breath, it is advisable to sing the Breath after waking up as the first occupation of the day, while sitting for 5 or 10 minutes. This establishes the Breath for the rest of the day. Once the Breath is engrained in your breathing, it becomes automatic, and as soon as you are not pondering an idea or involved in communicating, there is the Breath. The value and the alchemy of the Breath depends upon whether you allow it to do its work, by being busy with it in the background of your ordinary daily activities. In meditation the focussing on breathing turns into a singing of the Breath.  

You are the only one who is responsible for the Breath. Nobody is watching you or judging you. Some people are attached to mantras or inner prayers they have received previously. The Breath distinguishes itself from mantras and inner prayer in that it does not attach any meaning and does not try to steer into a particular direction, but it tries to make a connection with a particular state. It is not something that ‘you’ concentrate on but rather something that ‘you’ become.  

After having promised to keep the Breath secret and abstain from communicating it, and upon receiving a donation of 250 Euro, that balances the Grace of the Breath, the applicant can receive the Breath in a small ceremony.  

Please, let us know from where you have to travel to receive the Breath, so we can suggest possible locations for this purpose.

The infusion of the Breath in Asharum Amonines:

One can receive the Breath in Amonines during a regular visit or during a visit combined with a Personal Meditation Retreat.

A programme will be facilitated as followed:

Arrival day: arrival between three and five p.m.

18.00 Introduction
18.30 Asha Meditation

Second day:
10.00: Asha Meditation
11.30: Receiving the Breath in the name of Yoginâm through a small ceremony
12.30:  Asha/Breath Meditation 30 minutes (in case you choose the combination with a personal retreat)
15.45: A moment for questions and introduction into the Breath Walk
16.30: Asha/Breath Meditation 30 minutes (in case you choose the combination with a personal retreat)
18.30: Asha/Breath Meditation 30 minutes

Departure day:

10.00: Asha/Breath Meditation
11.00: Conclusion
12.00: Departure


In Asharum Amonines usually woman can be infused with the Breath most of the time. On occasion it will also be possible for man to be infused with the Breath when a man is also on the location who is authorised to do so.

An appointment on other locations is also possible (in Spain and the Netherlands)

Because of energetic reasons woman can only infuse the Breath to woman and at present there is only a woman living on location authorised by Yoginâm to do so.

Please contact us for questions and if you are interested in receiving the Breath.

August in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

14 – 20 September:   Nâm Retreat of Silence

25 – 27 November &

16 – 18 December:    Asha Meditation Weekend of Silence



August in Amonines

Amonines remains fully booked this summer. August felt balanced in the flow of people coming and going. At the beginning of the month in the hot August sun, guests piled up the newly ordered wood for the coming winter in the shed.



The garden
It is wonderful to see that visitors have heart for the garden and come back for it. This time the focus was on the trees.



We learned that the trunks of the trees are the lungs through which the tree breathes. If moss covers parts of the trunk, the tree will rot inside and die. It therefore is of great importance to clean the trunk, especially with regard to the fruit trees. Trimming the trees and remove dead branches is also helpful, since sunlight can come in and prevents moss from growing. And even the ants have a function in this, helping to clean the tree from inside out, in order to halt the rotting process.
It is amazing what a different look and feel this gives, as if the whole garden is breathing a sigh of relief.

Trimming a tree

Removing moss from the trunk

Removing moss from the trunk


Humidity and drought

The moss and the rotting process indicate a humid climate with high rainfall during most of the year. In combination with the extreme drought during the summer, this may lead to a serious problem, especially for the pines and conifers. The humidity during most of the year prevents the trees from rooting deep, which makes the hot summers very difficult for them. Many have branches which are completely dried up and brown. You can see this everywhere in the Ardennes, and the garden is no exception. Following the dry summers and the consequences for the garden, a proposal will be made and submitted that follows this new reality.


The garden without people


The vegetable garden

The late flowering plants in our garden have not let us down, the tomatoes are finally turning red and with their full flavour they are incredibly tasty!




Our beautiful, imperturbable cat has passed away. She has been taken care of with lots of love. With her softness she showed us what it looks like to be in complete acceptance. When we realised she was here to stay we gave her the name Vedi. Vedi has a place in our garden graveyard, together with the other animals that have gone before her.


A world without internet

Due to an incident, we were disconnected from the internet during the Reflection Week. GB bundles were quickly upgraded and hotspots activated to be able to continue the Private HarpMoods planned for this week. And to keep the Asharum accessible via email for questions and bookings. After more than ten days, I can assure you it is a relief to be connected to the world wide web again.


Disconnected from the internet



Nâm Retreat of Silence
People often seek relief from stress by taking some time off. On returning to daily life, it soon becomes clear that nothing has changed. It is not about what you do, but about how you do it, finding the music behind the steps:

Live life like dancing to music
Do not try to remember your steps
But discover where the music
is coming from.

For more information of to book, see here.


Healing in the four dimensions

In this workshop we experience how changing our perspective, even a little bit, opens up the potential to improve all aspects in our life.

We have to become aware that we are not beings that have an experience. We actually are experience itself.

Those who have been introduced to LivingNâm before, may have had a glimpse of the wisdom and value of consciously dealing with the different dimensions of experience. That which we also call SIWEB.

In its purified state the amalgamation of ‘I-World’ has the natural potential for optimally performing the Task of Human Living

-The book of Nâm, Yoginâm

You can join this workshop again in October 26-30. For more information see here.


Weekend of Silence

During a Weekend of Silence we have a daily rhythm of three Asha Meditations with rattle or drum and one HarpMood. These weekends give you the chance to unwind and reconnect with your essence together in a group of people with the same aim.
The next Weekend of Silence will take place from November 25 till 27.

For more information or to book, see here.


A restful moment

July in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

17 – 21 August: Reflection Week

14 – 20 September:   Nâm Retreat of Silence

26 – 30 Oktober:   Healing in the four dimensions – A five day intensive


Animals on our doorstep

On one of the hottest days in July, a dog appeared in the garden to cool down in the grass. We had no idea how he had got in, just as we didn’t know how a very old and not very agile cat had managed to get in. The cat already appeared in May, no more than bones and skin, asking for food, unable to make a sound, barely able to see and hear. Apparently she is here to stay. Imperturbably, she looks at the drinking water in the bucket in front of her, oblivious to people, cats and dogs around her.


Cat at our doorstep


New rooms

We were very lucky to have Wabke and Willemien in Amonines. They decorated the new room just in time before we had the first guest for the inauguration.


New decorated guest room


The second room has been given the name: ‘shabby chic’ room and will be used for staff, while it is still under construction. Thanks to Aglaia’s help it has already progressed a great deal.


At work in the ‘shabby chic’ room


Fully booked for the whole summer

This summer the Asharum was quickly fully booked. We have people for the Personal Yoga Retreat, for the Private Meditation Retreat and regular visitors. As part of the active service people can choose to work in the garden. The meditative aspect of garden work contributed to a ‘serene feeling of being at home’ according to one of the participants.


Two participants about their experience:

Four short days and the impression of having spent weeks there, of being at home. Everything is simple and warm in this house, time has stopped and has been replaced by sweetness. Yoga is taught with meticulousness and delicacy. Four short days of a life and the desire to relive them again and again.

What a place!
Here, yoga and meditation are not a trend, but a way of being. To withdraw in silence and enjoy the woody surroundings feels like breathing in and out, the warm hospitality and healthy meals are food for body and soul. Lay off all your superfluous layers and (re)discover what uncomplicated life is like. I return home with great gratitude.
Participant in the Personal Yoga Retreat


Fortunate accident: A good neighbour is better than a distant friend

When an incident caused the washbasin in our bathroom to break, it turned out to be a good way to renew contact with our neighbour Guy, who kindly offered to help us.
From previous experiences we were sure that the job of replacing the basin was in good hands, and that turned out to be true!


The Garden

The peas, capuchins and courgettes that were flowering at the time of the last newsletter have been harvested and eaten.
The sowing of the lettuce has been planned in such a way that they are not all fully grown at the same time. In this way the salad doesn’t get wasted and we can enjoy it over a longer period of time.



Our wish for someone to be involved in the garden on a regular basis has been fulfilled. Starting in September, Katrin will come ten days every month. It is a great joy for all of us, seen the wild state our garden.


Gardenwork at the pond


Would you also like to enjoy the garden? We have many apples this year and we expect them to fall in late September/October. Harvesting the apples will take a few weeks, after which we will have them made into apple juice.
If you want to participate in the harvest, make sure you book for a few days in October!


A Reminder

Nâm Academy has started the Book of Nâm series by broadcasting a new episode every first Sunday of the month in which a chapter of the Book of Nâm is explored.
If you missed one or more episodes you can watch the podcast on the website of the Nâm Academy. (https://nam-academy.org/podcasts/) The Nâm Academy publishes articles and organises lectures and study events on the work of Yoginâm.



The Reflection Week
These days we explore life through our imagination. We will explore, reflect, be in silence together and create an experience which will make us wonder.
In the mornings we are more active with a specific programme, the afternoons are an invitation to reflect individually. This also offers the possibility to take a walk in nature or to enjoy a quiet afternoon in the garden.

Are you interested? There are still some places available!
For more information or to book, see here.


Nâm Retreat of Silence
People often seek relief from stress by taking some time off. On returning to daily life, it soon becomes clear that nothing has changed. It is not about what you do, but about how you do it, finding the music behind the steps:
Live life like dancing to music
Do not try to remember your steps
But discover where the music
is coming from.
For more information of to book, see here.


Healing in the four dimensions

On the third of July ended the five day healing workshop, which was intens and beautiful.

In the words of one of the participants:

‘The programme is well prepared and designed. It gives you many different tools to bring you close to your true self or your heart. You see love and care everywhere. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a more meaningful life.’

You can join this workshop again in October 26-30.

For more information see here.


Berry branch in vase

Cutting vegetables

Cat on our doorstep 2













May in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

29 June – 3 July:   Healing in the four dimensions: A five days intensive

15 – 17 July:   Weekends of Silence


Nâm Retreat

May started with the Nâm Retreat. In Amonines we had a group of people of which some were completely new, others were new to the retreat and there were some aspirants who already participated in retreats before.


It was an adventurous week with a fire alarm that went off in the evening because of a short circuit caused by a toaster, and a driver who lost control of the steering wheel in the bend of the road at night and ended up in the parking lot of Amonines. One of the cars that was standing there received such a blow that it was pushed away and almost hit another car. Luckily we had only material damage.

These are powerful events, especially when they happen during the intensity of a retreat. They evoke your natural responses, while you have all the time to observe them and you are forced to deal with them yourself, without any interaction. This makes these situations a catalyst for transforming your impulsive reactions, or at least make them visible. Next to that, a collective experience of this magnitude creates a stronger cohesion in the group, which supports the retreat as a whole.
Generally, the events themselves did not disturb the quality of the retreat. To give a good idea of the atmosphere of the retreat, below you can see the photo-report of one of the participants and the testimonials of the three new participants.


After a fairly long search and quite a few experiences at previous retreats, I finally feel like I’m ‘coming home’ thanks to this retreat in Amonines.

It was an adventurous week with a fire alarm that went off in the evening because of a short circuit caused by a toaster, and a driver who lost control of the steering wheel in the bend of the road at night and ended up in the parking lot of Amonines. One of the cars that was standing there received such a blow that it was pushed away and almost hit another car. Luckily we had only material damage.

Amonines has charmed me, touched my soul. I had the privilege of feeling a deep connection with the true, the deepest source within myself. That feels like a true gift.

My search stops, coming home to Yoginâm is what I was looking for.
I feel a lot of love in my heart and I like to share that with everyone here in the house.

I love myself
I love everyone
I smile at myself
I smile at everyone
My heart is open
My heart is for everyone
Demons trying to steal my heart
I split in half with Abbah’s sword

A word of thanks,
that I got to experience this week.
My first retreat, 5 days of silence.
5 days having all the time, all the peace and a very good ambiance.
It was a wonderful experience,
miracles literally happened.
Meditating together, and being quiet together, I recommend it to everyone.

Two new rooms will be ready soon

The intensity did not end with the retreat, as the creation of two new rooms started as soon as the last participant departed. This involved the breaking of walls, dust flying around and notable changes to the house. The works are not yet completed, but we look forward to be able to receive more guests this summer.

External events

In second half of May the Asharum was rented out for an external event. After the organisers’ initial tension of finding enough participants, eventually it all worked out. To our surprise, one of the participants turned out to be a photographer, and she made some beautiful pictures of the Asharum for us (check her website here: everafterstorytelling.nl).


Upcoming events
As we mentioned in the last journal we are looking forward to the workshop Healing in the four dimensions from June 29th till July 3rd.

Do you want to:
– Be challenged to overcome your own judgements?
– Get the opportunity to play with perception in a safe way?
– Start building a strong new foundation from where you can continue living more authentically?
– Get introduced to the instruments that will help you connect to your inner stillness?
– Clear the way to reconnect with the natural state?

You are welcome to join us in this workshop Healing in the four dimensions!

Our next Weekend of Silence will take place from July 15 till 17. Please check our website for more information. We advise you to book in time if you want to participate this coming month.

We look forward to welcoming you to Amonines!