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Nâm stilte meditatie retraite centrum - serre
stilte meditatie retraite centrum in België Asharum Amonines - meditatie ruimte
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stilte meditatie retraite centrum Asharum Amonines- homepage

Asharum Amonines

For unwinding, reflection and awareness

Welcome to our meditation retreat centre!

We welcome you to stay in an atmosphere of natural beauty and harmony. A transcendental meditation retreat centre breathing openness and peace. The harmonious atmosphere invites you to relax all levels of your being.

Share in a contemplative monastic life

A small community that tries to lead a reflective and contemplative life does its best to serve the guests as best as possible.

Life in Asharum Amonines is characterized by openness, simplicity, rhythm and silence.

For those who are interested, there is the opportunity to delve into the inspiration of the residents, this is an exploration of Living Nâm and its applications in everyday life. A lifestyle that contributes to the meaning of life, a spiritual evolution and sustainable well-being.

Discover Asharum Amonines through a regular or exclusive visit 

In this meditation retreat centre you can stay as you wish. Use the daily programme or rather go out to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds the house.

During a Regular visit you will work for two hours in daily work in the morning, during an Exclusive visit you are completely free.

Dive in deep through our retreats and courses

In addition Communal retreats for a week or a weekend are organised regularly and it is also possible to plan your own individual retreat. During these retreats you will participate in the monastic meditation rhythm of the Asharum, guided by well trained and experienced Nâm Monastics.

In addition to the meditation retreats, we provide in-depth courses on learning to meditate and reflect on the deeper meaning of life. We also offer the opportunity to practice yoga as a physical way to open up to a meditative state.

View the agenda on the right or at the bottom (depending on your device) for an overview.

Silence in the meditation retreat centre

Because silence is such a powerful tool for reconnecting with our natural state we try to be silent as much as possible. Being in silence is helpful to let the resonance of the place and meditations do its work. To empty ourselves allows a reconnection with our true nature to happen.

Of course there is always room for an inspiring conversation or a sharing in joyful moments. Silence in the context of Living Nâm is more than 'not speaking'. It is mainly a recurring return to an attunement in a specific state.

Yoginâm, the founder of the meditation retreat centre

Asharum Amonines was founded by Yoginâm with the intent of creating a place for retreat and repose in the spirit of universal spirituality and humanity.

Yoginâm choose the name Asharum Amonines because of the deep wisdom Asha is expressing. Considering everything shares in a wider and unknowable whole this is very difficult to relate to. For that purpose Asha, a  way of looking at and dealing with living, coming from the 4000 year old Zoroastrian tradition, is a practical means to discover how in living one can find meaning and create well-being in living and in post-living. Asharum Amonines tries to facilitate this way of living for everyone who aspires this. More about this can be found in his books and texts or asked the present staf during a stay.

Last questions and information

Please look further on this site for the information you need and contact us for any questions you have.

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"A magic place, run by wonderful people. If you're looking to take a break from it all, this is the place to go. Delicious and exciting vegan cooking, meditation (if you want it) and great, life-changing talks by the fire place. I went there to write and found the ashuram to be inspiring, soul-soothing and tremendously inducive to creative work. I can't wait to go back. Great walks, soothing surroundings and wonderful people. Highly recommend it for a getaway, a writer's retreat or finding back to the simple life of honest food, gentle human encounters and nature. Just perfect".


The house is absolutely charming, the host is really welcoming and the location of the house is beautiful ! The perfect place to take a break in your life :)

Quiet, peaceful and easy. Highly recommendable.

A lovely, quiet retreat with a host that made us feel really welcome and was very helpful. The house itself is beautiful and old, and our room clean and cozy. Sharing the tolet/shower was no problem because everything was spick and span. Breakfast consisted of a very tasty variety of vegan dishes - all prepared with care. We really enjoyed our stay and will definitely go back if we're in the area again. Highly recommended!

Great experience, totally peaceful and friendly place. Would come back again and recommend anytime.

Your house is very peaceful with a warm energy. I felt like coming home.

The Asharum is a great place to stay for a few days. As soon as I entered there (again) I experienced such enormous peace and serenity, It is a feeling of coming home. The rooms are clean and tidy. The food is made with so much love and care. Even if I would not follow a course, it is already wonderful to be there for a few days. I'm already looking forward to next time.

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