Not just a beautiful place in beautiful surroundings, but a safe haven, away from the turmoil of the world. Find silence, beauty and respect for all living there. Return home and find something changed…


Asharum Amonines is a great place to unwind, experience a resonance of Well-Being and enjoy beautiful surroundings. For walking, a bit of culture, or for retreat; everything is possible. Very welcoming place and people.


I went and stayed for only two nights, but afterwards I was completely rested. I had wonderful hikes in the Érezée area. The landscape is lovely and quite diverse, with grass valleys, creeks and forests. The house was quiet. It was so serene that I was able to read a book. I also had one of the longest nightrest in a very long time. :)


My boyfriend and I had a wonderful stay. The dinner (a soup, some home made bread and spread) was just delicious as well as the breakfast, very healthy and honest food. There was plenty of space to relax, read a book or sit at the fireplace. All the spaces were very clean and we were welcomed warmly.


There is something

about this place,

about the people,

making it meaningful

to return…

to rest…..

in the soft warmth

of it’s/their embrace

so yes…

we will…


Dick & Marjan

“For me Asharum Amonines’s place gave me a feeling of beauty, balance, joy and creativity. The hostess gave me a heartfelt warm welcome and a sense of freedom that made me feel at home. I experienced a wonderful “feng shui” atmosfeer in the whole house and a very good bed to sleep in. The food was homemade, fresh and pure. My visite to the meditation on harp music in the morning was like sensing “the nectar of the gods”.”


“Thanks for holding this space of light, love and divine intelligence. Thanks for the meditation on the harp music in the temple, it reconnected me in a deep way with my divine essence. Thanks for bringing this feeling of coming home.”


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