Introduction into the Breath

~ A text by Irma ten Brink – inspired by Yoginâm ~

Do you wonder?

You may have read or heard it somewhere….someone talking about ‘the Breath’.

If you wonder what this is about, and how this is more than ‘breathing in and breathing out’ which of course is naturally part of it, then this blog article is meant for you.

It is quite impossible to directly tell you what the Breath is. Therefore I need to talk around it.

First of all, for those trying to live in Nâm, the Breath is our most important instrument. Just consider, if spirituality is no more (and no less!) than living your natural state, how then can the tools to help you find and live your natural state be complicated?

The Breath is a tool of utmost simplicity.

Its quality though, is of a completely other reality; beyond words, beyond grasping and beyond understanding.

Breathing is so natural that we often don’t notice we are doing it. Or is it something that happens to us? Or are we a happening altogether which includes this breathing? Food for thought perhaps. And when you contemplate this, then consider as well that when you breathe in, someone else also shared in the same breath of air before you, and someone else will after you. The breathing connects us all, we all breathe the same air! It is not for nothing that in many traditions breathing exercises or focussing on breathing is such an important instrument.

As for ‘the Breath’ it may be good to realise that it is small and big at the same time. Small in its simplicity, big in its transcendency.

Why use the Breath?

Because the Breath of Yoginâm is given in his name and received in a specific manner it is not of experience, it is of Awareness. Without being able to explain what this means, it may help to realise it is and will not become ‘you’ in the narrow sense of the word, meaning it is not part of your habitual self, not part of your programmes. That is the power of the Breath.

At best you may become the Breath, meaning your attunement in Awareness will become so strong that your life becomes more free from your disturbing programmes. The experience of living will go beyond your habitual self. You may for example experience life living through you or life guiding you. A profound meaning will enter your life in all circumstances.

The important shift in attention ánd identification!

This because your identification will move from an I-oriented person to an I-World oriented person who realises I and World are intertwined and sharing in a whole. And with that realisation you will start living accordingly in a very natural and even effortless way.

The Breath is simple, all you have to do is bring back your focus to the received sounds connected to your breathing. However simple is not always easy. You will soon notice when trying how quickly your attention is distracted.

But that is oké, as long as you try to find and bring back your attention to the Breath. It is the practice of coming back to the Breath that counts more than the losing of your attention.

And with everything else, it just takes practice and consistency. But if you manage this practice and consistency you will find in the Breath your very best friend, a companion for life!

You will notice, in moments of relaxation, the Breath will be accompanying you. When you drive your car, the Breath is there. And yes, when life challenges you and presents difficulties that may be hard to digest, the Breath will be there!

However, when struggle hits you with a returning inner dialogue with negative thoughts, triggered by a disturbing programme which we all have, you may need to be strict on yourself in choosing for the Breath. Because negative emotions can pull us hard. But if you practised the Breath often enough in easier days you will find in the Breath your saviour, for it has the power to help you overcome the difficulty, it helps you transform what needs to be transformed.

In a spiritual endeavour and in fulfilling your task of life the Breath becomes a powerful tool

Not because of some magical trick but simply because transforming our daily life events is our ongoing life task, we are equipped for that naturally. And since the Breath helps us attune to our natural state, which is beyond our habitual self, it helps us in doing what we normally do naturally but what was blocked because of disturbing programmes with which we identified ourselves.

Therefore the Breath is the most simple and natural instrument and yet very profound and powerful. A true pearl amongst all instruments that may support a spiritual endeavour.

Do want to make use of this instrument in your daily life as well?

The Breath can be received upon request, please feel free to ask for more information.

Please contact us for questions and if you are interested in receiving the Breath.

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