Introduction into the Breath

~ A text by Yoginâm ~

The Breath 

The Breath is a sound that is repeated inwardly in synchronisation with the physical breathing. The Breath can be infused to everyone who aspires optimal harmony in their orientation of living.

Breathing the Breath surpasses thoughts, emotions, desires and other kinds of human imagination. The Breath serves as an open door for life to take care of itself. As such, breathing the Breath is the most powerful and intimate instrument that you can use, because its direction is not linked to a rational or emotional meaning, but serves exclusively ‘openness’. Unconsciously and indirectly, the Breath facilitates the remembering of what you are. The Breath is a psychological instrument that is infused and carried at the level ‘before experience’, carrying a creative level into the level of experience. Therefore, to preserve the resonance of the Breath, certain conditions are required:

  • The sounds never touch the vocal cords and are never shared or communicated in writing or by voice. This is not because it is a secret that nobody may know but because by not communicating, the Breath retains the resonance with which it was infused. By communicating it, or writing it, you would translate the resonance of the Breath into another resonance: the resonance of consciousness. As a consequence of this translation, the Breath would lose its value. A Breath that in this way lost its value cannot be restored.
    With the Breath you inwardly sing two sounds. The alchemy that the Breath activates is entirely unconscious, outside the parameters of human experience.
  • The Breath must have been received in a specific way and in a specific state of receptivity. Yoginâm is the origin of this psychological instrument: the carrier of the Breath. Yoginâm recognised the value of this particular instrument for a gradual realisation of one’s transcendental nature. The Breath has no connection to any cultural context; one does not need to adhere to any belief or tradition to use the Breath; it is a universal psychological instrument for making our transcendental nature in our daily life, alive. Yoginâm has authorised a number of people who may infuse an applicant with the Breath in his name. Because the Breath is infused in the name of Yoginâm, there are no soul impressions involved. You can only receive the Breath in a particular manner from somebody who has explicitly been authorised by Yoginâm to give the Breath. 

The Breath can be sung the whole day. During the first weeks after having received the Breath, it is advisable to sing the Breath after waking up as the first occupation of the day, while sitting for 5 or 10 minutes. This establishes the Breath for the rest of the day. Once the Breath is engrained in your breathing, it becomes automatic, and as soon as you are not pondering an idea or involved in communicating, there is the Breath. The value and the alchemy of the Breath depends upon whether you allow it to do its work, by being busy with it in the background of your ordinary daily activities. In meditation, the focussing on breathing turns into a singing of the Breath. 

You are the only one who is responsible for the Breath. Nobody is watching you or judging you. Some people are attached to mantras or inner prayers they have received previously. The Breath distinguishes itself from mantras and inner prayer by not attaching meaning to it and not trying to steer into a particular direction, thereby making a connection with a particular state. It is not something that ‘you’ concentrate on but rather something that ‘you’ become. 

The Breath is a very useful tool for quieting down the ongoing inner discussion; putting the Breath instead of recurring or obstructive thoughts and emotions is an ancient instrument that has proven to be very valuable for establishing inner harmony. 

After having promised to keep the Breath secret and abstain from communicating it, and upon receiving a donation of 250 Euro, that balances the Grace of the Breath, the applicant can receive the Breath in a small ceremony.

The infusion of the Breath in Asharum Amonines:

One can receive the Breath in Amonines during a regular visit or during a visit combined with a Personal Meditation Retreat.

A programme will be facilitated as followed:

Arrival day: arrival between three and five p.m.

18.00 Introduction
18.30 Asha Meditation

Second day:
10.00: Asha Meditation
11.30: Receiving the Breath in the name of Yoginâm through a small ceremony
12.30:  Asha/Breath Meditation 30 minutes (in case you choose the combination with a personal retreat)
15.45: A moment for questions
16.30: HarpMood/Breath Meditation 30 minutes (in case you choose the combination with a personal retreat)
18.30: Asha/Breath Meditation 30 minutes

Departure day:

10.00: Asha/Breath Meditation
11.00: Conclusion
12.00: Departure


Please, let us know from where you have to travel to receive the Breath, so we can suggest possible locations for this purpose.

An appointment on other locations is also possible (in Spain and the Netherlands)

Please contact us for questions and if you are interested in receiving the Breath.