Retraite centrum Asharum Amonines in de avond
Nâm Retraite centrum Asharum Amonines - Serre
Stilte Retraite centrum in België - Asharum Amonines - gastenkeuken

Enjoy and unwind in Nâm Retreat House in Amonines

Regular visits

How does it work

During a regular visit you help for two hours a day with whatever work needs to be done, such as preparing the vegan meals, cleaning in the house and helping in the garden. On your departing day you clean your own room and possibly the general bathrooms. These activities mainly take place in the mornings, so there is also plenty of time to relax, meditate and take beautiful walks in nature.

You can choose how many days you like to come and it is also possible to combine a regular visit with, for example, a Personal Meditation Retreat, a Yoga Retreat or a shiatsu massage

The cost for a regular visit is €55,- per nights, this includes three vegan meals, a private room (a shared room for a couple would be €50,- per night, per bed) and joining in the daily programme.

When you choose to combine this with a Personal Meditation Retreat or a Yoga Retreat you are exempt from the daily activities.

Exclusive Guest Retreat

If you prefer not to participate in the daily work and a personal meditation / yoga retreat is also not what you are looking for then this is of course no problem. You can then click on the “Exclusive Guest Retreat” option during the booking process, which exempts you from all these tasks. Your stay will then be €75,- per night.

Yoga Retreats:

Sometimes we also facilitate in small groups  Yoga Retreats. More information and availability can be found here.

Communal retreats

Throughout the year several retreats and courses are planned in the house (Silent retreats, Reflection Weeks and Nâm Retreat of Silence). They give a beautiful opportunity to unwind from a busy and demanding daily life, to explore and open yourself to transcendence and spirituality throughout meditations, attunements, resonance ethics, silence and mindfulness.

During some communal retreats Yoginâm is present (online) which gives these retreats a very powerful energetic impulse.

Communal retreat dates can be found in the right sidebar “Upcoming events” here

Personal Meditation Retreats:

All year round it is possible to plan your own Personal Meditation Retreat.

You can plan yourself on the basis of availability when and how long you would like to do this retreat, this is often possible both on weekends and during the weekdays and together with someone from the staff you will plan how you would like to do this retreat.

You can make your own programme or make use of the facilities that we can offer. A daily guided rhythm of four meditations can be facilitated. You can be in silence during the day or parts of the day and you can receive some extra tools which can help you find focus and attunement during such a retreat.

The costs of such a retreat are € 80,- per day.
During the private retreat you stay in a private room.

You book your Personal Retreat by checking this extra option when you book a room.

Facilities during your stay:

  • Delicious vegan meals (3 times per day)
  • Coffee and tea at your disposal
  • Fruits
  • Meditations, the meditation room is also available to use for your own meditation
  • Bed linnen and towels can be rented for €14,- or brought yourself

Different room types and prices

  • You have a choice between a double room or a private room.
  • Depending on the desired or available room the prices for regular visits vary between €50,- and €55,- per night which includes three meals a day and a possibility to join the daily meditations.
  • Prices named in the events calander for (personal) retreats and courses include these room rates.
  • The comfortable beds have duvets and pillows.
  • Should you like to visit the Asharum for a day (no overnight stay) than this is possible for €35,- including two meals and meditations.


A small staff of volunteers takes care of the house and tries to make your stay there as pleasant as possible. This includes cooking and doing other household chores. This way, during private and communal retreats you have nothing to think about so that you can focus your attention entirely on something else.

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