Bezinnen in retraite centrum in Belgische Ardennen - voorkom burn-out

The Magic of Giving

“Love is full of mystery
Love transcends cause and consequence
Love reveals the natural state”


LivingNâm is a way of giving

Giving is something personal and for everyone the means and possibilities are different. However, universal is that it must be unconditional: giving is not really giving when something is expected in return.

This life attitude can be practised by always putting this question to people, animals, plants and the world as a whole:

‘What can I do for you?’

Asharum Amonines is a special place to cultivate this. Such an attitude contributes both to personal well-being and to a more beautiful world as a whole.

‘What could you do for Asharum Amonines?’, the most obvious forms of it include bringing flowers, helping with the general work in the house and garden, doing specific jobs and repairs and giving donations.

Why do we need donations? We are non-profit organization aspiring to share the knowledge of LivingNâm and provide a place for everyone to unwind. Asharum Amonines and the Nâm Vision can be helpful for many people in dealing with their day to day life. This means, we would use your money for writing and displaying books, marketing but also taking care of the house and it’s garden.

If you would like to stay and work with us for a longer period of time, for example for one or a few months, but you cannot pay accommodation costs for such a period, then please contact us about the possibilities.

 The aims of Asharum Amonines are:

  • maintain the Asharum Amonines as a characteristic spiritual centre and to manage it in accordance with the local architectonic tradition and with respect for its 300 years’ age.
  • safeguard the spiritual nature of the place
  • promote a spiritual ecology in and around the Asharum
  • provide a centre for community working and living
  • develop the Asharum as a welcoming universal meeting place for visitors who wish to stay there for a shorter or a longer period
  • foster a positive spiritual energy, within the framework of the work of Yoginâm
  • promote the spreading of the universal spirituality through contacts in the surroundings and by other HR
  • organise activities in order to realise the above-mentioned aims

Donation can be made to ABN in the name of NâmFund in The Hague mentioning Donation Asharum Amonines

Monthly donations are tax deductable.