Yoga of Nâm, Yoginâm, mediteren met Yoginâm Frédéric

Yoginâm and LivingNâm



All who are moved by Yoginâm start to remember who they are and begin to live their lives accordingly. In the presence of Yoginâm it becomes easy to open to our divine nature. By this alchemy we become able to embrace and appreciate life to the fullest, leaving behind the liking and disliking.

“Being with Yoginâm and opening myself for him means I am opening myself for something infinitely wide and intimately close. It is not personal and it is beyond understanding. Yoginâm, always in service to All, is my gate to this ungraspable reality….”

‘a personal experience from the article

‘Living with Yoginâm-LivingNâm’

Yoginâm, the founder of LivingNâm, has achieved with his life a constant Attunement in the ‘infinite unknowable’ in which everything shares and found a way to enter into an intimately close and at the same time infinitely wide relationship with this ‘infinite unknowable’ what he has given the sound Abbah. It is this quality that causes people to experience healing, inspiration, guidance and enlightenment in his presence. Some experience his state as the most pure form of Love.

Yoginâm is also the guide for some to discover, shape and permanently deepen this most intimately close and infinitely wide relationship.

Love and Compassion are the very essence of our life. The task of our life is to free ourselves from the veils that keep us ignorant and to develop compassion through sharing in love, openness and beauty. To accomplish this task Yoginâm has developed LivingNâm which is based on ancient traditions but was created especially for modern Western people.

Yoginâm guides many in the accomplishment of this task and to transform their life into a tool for realisation and bliss.

Yoginâm can be visited in the Asharum twice a year, you can find the dates in the events agenda on the homepage. Besides these moments Yoginâm is available in Amonines through out the year for private HarpMood, a Healing Sequence and Breath of Purification through an online connection.

Contact us for more information and reservation.

The Transcendental or Natural State:

What you really are is much more impersonal than you might think. It is impossible to describe, to grasp or to define, but its quality is unchangeable and infinite, it is always there, before our birth, during life and after death. We call this our Transcendental or Natural State.

Attuning to this state brings trust and openness. Anxiety, stress, depression disappear because there is no more reason for fear, after all, there is nothing left to lose, while when we hold on and stay attached, we will have the impression of losing something. That causes fear which can be all-decisive in life. A life in harmony with our Natural State brings Well-Being in the widest sense of the word. By attuning to this, it will be reflected in the daily experience, making Beauty and Love the foundation of life.

LivingNâm provides us the tools to find this Attunement.

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LivingNâm is a transcendental spirituality lifestyle with very specific tools which aim to help you become aware of your transcendental state and the meaning of life. An investigation that starts with a question mark: “What does transcendental mean?” Slowly but surely this question grows towards a certainty, the certainty that we are all transcendental by nature. This certainty we call Nâm.

The very specific instruments also help you to transform your detrimental programmes. These programmes are veiling your natural state, by letting go of these veils you open yourself for your true potential and real well-being.

LivingNâm is a specific way of living in which life ethics (what you naturally want to do), attitude (putting ethics into practice) and attunement (to what you really are) are the basic elements. Without ethical development, there is no spiritual unfolding.

Because it is such a specific and different way of living we also call it

‘The Third Way’

The first way is the way of religion, the way of dogma, morality, mythology, belief.

The second way is the secular way, like we have today in modern society. Both ways are problematic at the moment and therefore a different way of living can be an answer.

The third way is an ancient way but snowed under by culture. It is the way of transcendental spirituality.

We all have to live and we can choose how we want to live with the circumstances that are given.

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