Our disease prevention policy

We like to actively prevent the spread of disease. Think especially of the prevailing colds and (stomach) flu types that often predominate in the winter months. But of course we want to prevent all infectious viruses from the start.

We see it as the responsibility of everyone to prevent him- / herself from infecting the other in the event of illness.

We used this policy before the corona outbreak and it remains in effect even when the corona is under control.

Some measures we are taking:

Staff works in accordance with standard HACCP measures in the kitchen, these are a very strict hygiene guidelines for preparing and serving food.

We ask everyone to take the following preventive actions seriously:

1. Wash hands regularly, for example:
* after coughing / sneezing / blowing your nose –> please cough and sneeze in your elbow if you don’t have a tissue at hand
* for cutting vegetables or other activities in the kitchen. If you help in the kitchen, washing hands is mandatory. You can only be in the kitchen when you are not contagious in any way
* before dinner
* after going to the toilet

3. Wash dishes well with hot water and soap, if not done well this is a major source of contamination so please take good care of this! Let it dry for later cleaning or, if it is a lot of washing up, take a clean tea towel and throw it in the wash after use.

4. Help us keep the house clean by regularly cleaning door handles, tables and chairs, possibly with alcohol or similar. Material for this can be found in the kitchens and opposite the bathrooms.

In case you are actually contagious:

If you already know at home that you are contagious (a cold is already contagious, you may only have a nose cold, someone else can get really sick), then we think it is very unfortunate but we ask you to cancel the reservation (your payment will be fully refunded).

Are you with us and do you, for example, get a cold and / or get flu symptoms:

* shorten your visit, make plans to leave as soon as possible

During the stay that you are still with us:
* wear a mouth cap (ask the staff)
* stay in your room as much as possible, if you have a roommate, the staff and your roommate will
look for a solution to sleep elsewhere (your roommate is asked to be extra careful too)..
* keep your distance from others, only greet with a hand gesture (no hugs and kisses, even if the
other person indicates that they don’t find it a problem)
* if you have used a general telephone, clean it with alcohol
* use paper tissues and only 1 time and throw away directly in trash can with lid (in the kitchen and bathrooms)
* Pay extra attention to cleaning your used tableware and everything else that you touched
* Wash your hands often!

In case of stomach flu:
* close the toilet valve before flushing
* then clean the toilet seat and the toilet with disinfectant, this is in the cupboard opposite the bathroom (a spray can). Ask the staff if anything is unclear
* wash your hands with soap

Thank you for taking responsibility in preventing the spread of disease. Fellow guests, staff and residents are served with it and this is greatly appreciated.


In this way we are confident that we can handle the situation in a responsible manner, realizing that there are no guarantees.

Thank you for sharing this responsibility in preventing the spread of disease. Fellow guests, staff and residents are served with it and this is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions or if there are any ambiguities, do not hesitate to contact us.