Mediteren in retraite centrum Asharum Amonines meditatie retraite - de locatie en omgeving
Stilte meditatie retraite centrum Asharum Amonines - de locatie
Nâm stilte meditatie retraite centrum - serre
retraite centrum, mediteren en stilte in Asharum Amonines - zitje in de tuin
stilte meditatie retraite centrum in België Asharum Amonines - meditatie ruimte
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A Beautiful Location in the Belgian Ardennes

Coming home to yourself

Many guests experience a visit to Asharum Amonines as a home-coming. The peaceful, natural and quiet atmosphere are often seen in a very positive sense.

The house is situated in the Ardennes of Belgium, close to the village of Erezée in the province of Luxembourg. Yoginâm chose this place for a spiritual centre because of its surrounding beauty and the tranquillity of the area, where life is still lived at a quiet pace.

The house itself is situated on the Ley lines of Wéris; an area where many megalithic structures are the vibrant remnants of an ancient spiritual past.

For those who like to visit our beautiful Nijar Monastery Guesthouse in Spain, please visit their website to find out more.

Our address:

Rue de Dochamps 7
6997 Amonines

What can be found at the location:

  • simple and comfortable rooms
  • cozy living room with fireplace
  • the bright conservatory
  • Arabic room where the hiking maps and leaflets can also be found
  • A dining-room with a refrigerator a simple kitchenette (no cooking facilities)
  • meditation room, which is used for the daily meditation rhythm of the house and can be used in between for personal meditation, yoga practice or such like
  • large garden with various seating arrangements
  • private parking

The location is accessible both by car and by public transport, you will receive more practical information when booking.

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