March in Amonines

Continual new beginnings

Spring is showing itself, sometimes shy and hidden in the mist, but undeniably here in the blooming of the trees and the plants, in the bees already buzzing under the trees and in the birds looking for partners to mate. New beginnings everywhere.
That is how it feels right now in Amonines. New courses, new rooms, investigating new approaches to increase our visibility on the internet, new cooks and every week new people getting to know Amonines.


Always in the present

We seized the moment when Isabel was in Amonines who apparently has the quality to look at the guest rooms with the eye of an artist. The rooms were almost finished, but could use a last touch in creating the desired harmony in colour and decoration to give each room its own character. So we dropped our original plans and got to work.

Life takes care of itself

Since we have a clear intent to increase our visibility online we were approached by different media to do an item on us. The result is that one journalist will come to write about her experience in the yoga and meditation retreat.
In a perfect synchronicity Marlies, who is a regular visitor and specialist in this field, came and explained what we can improve technically on the website with the same aim of becoming more visible and easier to find on the internet. 


Food does not take care of itself

Food is an important theme in Asharum Amonines. It gives a clear structure to the day, but more importantly, food relates to physical and psychological health and has an effect on happiness.
We already started buying most of our vegetables in the ecological shop, but to create a meal needs special care. And what better care can you wish for than the very owner of the ecological shop volunteering to cook in our kitchen next week?
This past month we also had another cook. She saw our advertisement on Facebook and had already heard about Asharum Amonines from a friend of hers. She decided to come for a weekend and cook for us.
Unobtrusively, she became part of the happenings in Amonines and quietly found her way as if she had been coming here for years. We are just as happy as she is that she found the Asharum. She leaves a memory of beautifully prepared meals and we are looking forward to see her again. 

Happy guests

The 4-day stay at Asharum Amonines helped me get back closer to myself, which was my intention. The combination of the meditation, silence, and the warm and quality-filled welcome did the trick. The cosiness of living space and rooms and the nature in the surroundings also contribute. The food is tasty and healthy. Yoginâm is mentioned, texts are offered but in no way imposed. Many thanks to the volunteer staff for their daily efforts!!!!



A lovely weekend. A gift for the soul.