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Burnout – Are you asking yourself the right questions?

~ A text by Irma ten Brink  inspired by the work of Yoginâm ~

Burnout – Are you asking yourself the right questions?

People who are in a burnout often ask themselves questions.

A frequently asked question is: how can I better guard my limits so that I don’t get burned out?

However, from the LivingNâm vision this is not a helpful question at all.

A burnout is a signal that something has gone wrong or rather an invitation that a different course should be taken in life. It is a crisis that offers an opportunity. But then you have to ask the right questions! When you start to look at it from only the perspective of psychotherapeutic principles, you often do not get it.

Nowadays, younger and younger people are getting burnouts. Research has shown that the burnout frequently occurs already with students. The question then arises ‘how is this possible?’

Could this have something to do with the fact that people have lost direction? They have lost beneficial ethics and no longer find direction and meaning in their lives? Religions have disappeared for many people or no longer serve their purpose because of the changes in people due to evolution (globalisation, internet).

Today when people encounter problems, undergo crises, have challenges and questions, this is no longer viewed in the light of transcendence because we no longer know how to do that or even what transcendence is. Previously this was done through the myths of the religions and each religion offered possibilities in its own way. For example, through mythical gods and icons.

However, this no longer works for most modern people, but nothing has come to replace it. So how do we relate to the wholeness? THAT in which we share? And THAT of which the problems and crises, our challenges and our questions are just a part of?

Perhaps we no longer ask life questions because we no longer know to what or whom we can direct ourselves? Or have these questions become (more hidden) buried in a world of commerce, making money and short entertainment?

It is natural to ask yourself, why do I live? What is the meaning of my life? …and of life itself? Is there more …? People have been asking these questions for centuries and the question will always remain relevant!

Why? Because these questions help us to enter into a relationship with the Resonance of Wholeness in which all and everything is shared.

I think it’s not so much about the answers to the questions.

I think it is the asking of the questions itself that matters.

Because asking these questions will get you on a path and will challenge you to start searching. Have more questions and by questioning you go deeper, experiences will be more refined and above all it invites you to gradually open yourself to an answer that is so deep and refined that the search becomes a longing and can become the read thread for your whole lifetime or even more lives.

This search can become an intimate relationship with Totality and by that a guide because when the search is sincere, and you are not only looking for entertainment, you will find yourself being guided, sometimes even mysteriously, that may surprise you. And then….  you have found your inner compass.

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