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Silence weekends / Stilte weekenden: Meditation and silence support our retreat programmes

Nâm Weekends of Silence (also online)

02 August 2024

Nâm Weekends of Silence

Join in our monastic rhythm during the Nâm weekends of Silence!

During this weekend we will follow the monastic meditation rhythm of the asharum guided by well trained and experienced Nâm Monastics.

The weekend is facilitated as such that you can optimally reflect and contemplate life in all of its facets.

Two different kind of weekends

In addition to the silence weekend programme that we have been offering already for many years and which we have come to call Asha Meditation Silence Weekend, we recently also offer a silence weekend with a more intensive programme for those people who would like to work a bit more intensively with it. This is the Breath Meditation Silence Weekend.

Find out more about both programmes and the different forms of meditation on the page 'daily rhythm'.

Dates for 2024:

Asha Meditation Weekends

July 5 - 7

August 2 - 4, 2024

October 25 - 27, 2024

November 29 - December 1, 2024

Breath Meditation Weekend

September 20 22, 2024

These weekends start at 5 p.m. on Friday (check in is possible from 3 p.m.) and end at 12 noon on Sunday (with the possibility to check out after lunch at 3 p.m.).



Silence and Meditation

Observing regular periods of silence combined with meditations that deepen the silence can be very beneficial. The modern lifestyle with its flow of impulses often allows only a little space to wind down. And yet such winding down is very important for one’s well-being. Without it the arranging and digesting of both the conscious and unconscious impulses remains incomplete. This may result in stress, anxiety, burnout, loss of meaning of life, depression and a host of other problems.

Also scientific research has discovered when people are silence daily new cells are made in the hippocampus, this can prevent for example depression and Alzheimer disease.

Therefore the Asharum offers several possibilities for you to join in meditation and to be in silence.

During these weekends we invite you to be in absolute silence throughout the weekend. In order to support this there will be a monastic rhythm for which we use the powerful Asha Meditation and Breath Meditation both developed by Yoginâm. 

Read this blog to discover about the benefits of silence.

Building beneficial  memories is the key to creating well-being

Constantly you are building new memories with what you experience. Those memories are unconsciously colouring every day life. Knowing this you can use this knowledge to consciously create helpful  memories. Participating in a Weekend of Silence is such a way of creating. After experiencing silence in a profound way it will forever be in your memory field.

Besides, once having experienced the power of silence you know it and you know you can always come back to it. This may be very helpful in busy daily life!


When weekends are fully booked we will invite Yoginâm to enrich one of the Asha Meditations with a live HarpMood through a Skype Connection. This will give these weekends a powerful extra impuls and makes them even more special then they already are!


‘In silence the inner world and the outer world melt into One’



Online participation from the Location Asharum Amonines

Since 2022 we also offer this program online. In our experience, physical distance does not stand in the way of a valuable experience. Because the meditation / course space remains available in a constant online connection, the energy of the location can also be felt in your home and partly creates the right ambiance for a powerful experience.

The costs for online participation are €75,-

“Thank you for the last few days, it was very nice to be here. I found the weekend was very nicely supervised, immediately felt completely safe here. Also my thanks that this house is here and that you make that possible together. I hope to come again soon”.

“Thank you so much for the silence weekend it was very important to be there.
The place everything was very well tuned and cared for. I'll probably come again and again

What a lovely place to recharge your batteries and reconnect. And what a special experience to participate in a Silence weekend. Being in silence brings about a lot in your inner self. Emotions come to the surface and insights seem to appear by themselves. The beautiful surroundings, the warm, fine house, the loving care of the residents, the delicious meals and the steadfast rhythm of the meditations help to find a deep rest in a relatively short time. An absolute must to really recharge the batteries. I will definitely be back!

Meditation and silence

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August 2 @ 6:00 pm
August 4 @ 1:00 pm
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