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Meditation Room Asharum Amonines

Course: Learning to meditate

25 October 2022

Only travel partners can share a room. If you only book for yourself, please book the single room.


This course start at 5 p.m. on Thursday (check in is possible from 3 p.m.) and ends at 12 noon on Sunday (with the possibility to check out after lunch at 3 p.m.).

The dates for this course:

April 27 – 30, 2023

October 12 – 15, 2023

What is Meditation

Meditation is the natural state of Being. Meditation is: being exactly where you are. Then you are in the Now. Then you realize your Natural State.

Meditation starts at your current state. If you are asked, “describe exactly where you are”, your body is sitting in this room, your mind may be preoccupied with a problem, your feeling is a combination of memories from the past, and your will is somewhere confused trying to give life meaning.

From that confused position you let go and allow your own totality to seek its own center. That is meditation. This is how Spirit and Matter come into harmony.

Meditation in practice is just sitting still, doing nothing at all, being completely empty. If you are completely empty, you simply listen. And this is a listening without sitting in the way with yourself. You try not to disturb what you hear, see, feel or want. And the more you grow towards that middle position, the purer your perception becomes.

Meditation is not self-analysis, it is not concentration, it is not an examination of your feelings; it is letting go of the illusion of what you are as a separate entity living in a world. It is the opening for Awareness, that which you are, in essence.

Meditation and retreat in the context of LivingNâm is about creating a space in which the all-encompassing whole can show itself as the essence of every moment of life. This is the transformation of the task of life. At birth, we enter a state of ignorance to turn this ignorance into wisdom through the life we live.

Meditation is living in attunement. It is essential to reserve periods of the day to be in silence and let life, through you, take care of itself.

In the same way that dreams are essential in “organizing” life’s impressions, being in silence is an advanced way to take transformation to another level. The combination of different meditations of the Nâm Silence Retreat are a powerful method to come to attunement and to open ourselves further.

Why would you want to learn to meditate

Rest, relaxation, stress reduction, better sleep, stopping worrying etcetera are the very pleasant side effects of regularly practicing meditation. This makes, among other things, that daily meditation practice is so good for our health.

Scientific research has shown that in people who meditate regularly, the brain changes.

It has also been scientifically proven that meditation ensures that memories (which we continuously build up throughout the day) can be processed. In this modern age of busy lives and many stimuli it is necessary for the brain to have moments to be able to process everything. Daily meditation plays a role in this, but also just doing nothing and staring out in front of you, walking in the forest, practicing yoga or a task where the mind does not have to work can work as well.

Anyone who regularly practices meditation will agree that meditation is a helpful tool to better manage daily life.

The original purpose of meditation

However, no matter how valuable and pleasant, these side effects are not originally the ultimate goal of meditation.

Meditation is a spiritual training intended to lead to a non-dual consciousness.
Because only from this awareness can sustainable well-being arise which is no longer dependent on external circumstances.

It is from this non-dual consciousness that we come to understand how we are self-creating. And when we realise that human life is a continuous creation, we can give it a favorable turn. We consciously contribute to the whole in which everything shares and with this we fulfill our task as a human being. The meaning of life thus comes to the fore and we begin to experience meaning in our lives, lasting meaning that lies beyond the everyday and does not depend on circumstances.

Many meditation methods nowadays are mainly focused on the side effects that have become an end in themselves, such as many forms of mindfulness and other meditations where attention training is paramount.

The Nâm Meditations of course also have these side effects which can certainly be a reason in itself to practice these meditations.

However, the Nâm meditations still have this original goal of expanding consciousness in mind and are therefore particularly powerful in this. The Nâm Meditation thus gives both the useful side effects and the possibility to expand your consciousness to a non-dual consciousness.

Why does the Nâm Meditation still achieve this goal?

In addition to the attention training that can be found in the method, we work with percussion which brings our brain into an Alfa state. This is a good start to expand awareness.

We also use breathing. We are not going to ‘look at what presents itself in terms of thoughts and feelings’, we bring our attention back to the breath again and again. Letting go of thoughts and feelings that present themselves over and over again and returning to the Breath over and over again is a transformative process that ultimately brings deep stillness which is the condition for opening the door to the real meditative state that expands consciousness.

In addition, the breath is linked to either a helpful visualization, or the Breath as being two sounds without rational meaning linked to the breathing received from Yoginâm or someone authorized to do so in the name of Yoginâm. The Breath in particular contributes powerfully to opening us to a wider consciousness.

The Breath has no rational meaning. It is a powerful Intent that creates an alchemy that works on an unconscious level. Precisely by not having a meaning in mind (as a mantra does) the Breath works opening. It helps us to open up to this non-dual consciousness by bypassing the dual aspect of the mind.

A mantra has a rational meaning, for example ‘I am love’. This is very focused and therefore it is limited. You open yourself to the meaning of this one sentence instead of ‘All that is’.

Why would you want to open up to ‘All that is’?

Maybe ‘I am love’ is enough I hear you think. And yes, that’s a lot. But actually it is more of a conditioning, a new program, you have invented the mantra yourself or taken it from a booklet and it meets your wishes.

By using the Breath as an instrument, we open a door inside, as it were. Then what we have to experience comes in. Whether that is an insight such as ‘I am love’, a healing for example in the form of an experience of ‘I am loved’, a very deep moment of rest or no experience at all (often the case because the alchemy Breath happens mostly on an unconscious level). it doesn’t matter. What is more essential that is that what comes that comes from ‘the other side’ and it is exactly what you need (and what you could not have come up with yourself). This is unlimited wisdom, the wisdom they talk about in myths and sagas. No acquired knowledge but an openness to ‘All that is’.

By opening this door a little wider, we expand our consciousness further and further to a non-dual consciousness. The Breath is Guidance, it is the way to this openness to unlimited wisdom.


Only travel partners can share a room. If you only book for yourself, please book the single room.


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October 25
6:00 am - 3:00 pm