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Retraite België, persoonlijke retraite en groepsretraite

Plan your own Personal Meditation Retreat

31 December 2024

Personal Meditation Retreat

The personal meditation retreat can be adapted to what you need. This can be different for everybody and depends on the purpose of your retreat. We facilitate a programme similar to the communal retreats. You can decide yourself wether you would like to stay in silence (parts of) the day or not.


Always wanted to go to a monastery for a few days?

To withdraw from a busy life and to recharge your batteries can be a good idea! Besides, creating a moment for yourself in which you consciously tune yourself to your essence can contribute powerfully to your life.

Apart from religion and tradition Asharum Amonines offers different retreats which are a beautiful opportunity to unwind from a busy and demanding daily life and to attune to your spiritual and transcendental nature, the Essence of what you truly are.

You can decide yourself when you would like to do this retreat and how long.

During such a retreat you can participate in the monastic rhythm of the Asharum. Usually this is a daily rhythm of four meditations per day. This rhythm is guided by well trained and experienced Nâm Monastics.

We recommend you to be in silence during the day or parts of the day and you will receive some extra tools which can help you find focus and attunement during such a retreat.

Why a personal meditation retreat

The reasons for a personal retreat vary widely.

For example, your goal may be to relax from busy life, recharge your batteries and reconnect with your natural state. We then recommend staying in silence as much as possible, including a digital detox by turning your mobile phone off or on flight mode. You can then also choose not to read and write and focus completely on ‘doing nothing’. This is the most powerful way to go deep into the retreat. Of course, you can vary this as you wish, which is the beauty of a personalised retreat.

Retreat as part of your recovery

Also if you are in or recovering from a difficult time or a burn-out, for example, a personal retreat can do some good. For instance, we have a very useful and powerful text written specifically for retreats. This text helps to give direction to thoughts and enter into a more reflective state. The text also gives some insights that can help gain insight into the programmes that caused the difficulties or the burnout.

For inspirations

Retreats can also greatly benefit those who would like to write their own book in silence or who want to be artistic and want to find the inspiration in silence.

Your stay

If you would like to come with a friend and share a room, or do the retreat from home, that is also possible.

We use a minimum and maximum stay of 2 and 5 days respectively, Monday is our restday, visits are not possible then.

Check-in on location is after 3 pm and check out of the room at 11 am. It is possible to stay until after lunch, you can choose this as an extra option with your reservation.

Long retreats are now also possible!

Usually a booking of up to five nights is not possible due to the closed Monday. Because the need may be to go into retreat longer, we have created the possibility several times a year to book a retreat of, for example, seven or ten days. This may be the following dates:

December 22, 2023 – January 7, 2024

March 28 – April 7, 2024

April 23 – May 3, 2024

May 14-20, 2024

June 4-13, 2023

October 3 – 13, 2024

October 21-27, 2024

December 24, 2024 – January 5, 2025

If you do not see availability in the agenda and still want to come, please contact us, sometimes we will close the agenda in time to keep places reserved.


These retreats are accompanied by Irma

The personal meditation retreat will be accompanied by Irma ten Brink. If she cannot attend, she will provide a replacement. Irma has lived a contemplative and monastic life for more than fifteen years, which has mainly brought her peace and clarity of mind. From this experience she supports the guests.

During a personal retreat, you stay in a single room.

The costs of such a retreat includes full-board meals and meditations.

 Persoonlijke retraite - Personal Retreat / Private retreat, Prive retraite


“Discover your belief in your heart
And transcend your heart in Love
In Love, belief and religion are transcended
In Love you will find meaning and joy”



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