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~ A text by Yoginâm  ~

LivingNâm is the endeavour to live in Attunement to Nâm

Nâm is the unknowable whole, one-ness, multi-ness, all-embracing-ness, before it is turned into, or conceived of as: a god, a pantheon of gods, a revelation, an ideology, a law, a concept or an ideal.

Nâm is what all philosophies, religions, spiritual and secular traditions are derived from, before it is subjected to human speculation and judgements about good and bad; beneficial and detrimental.

Nâm is the multiversal whole in which everybody and everything, knowable and unknowable, equally shares. It is the essence of being and of not-being. It is within the living of the atoms of the cells of your body. It is the very ‘substance’ of thoughts and emotions. Nâm drives you; moves you: in the flow of matter; in the flow of thoughts; in the flow of emotions and that of desires beliefs and ideals.

All cultures, spiritual and religious traditions are equally Nâm, though some are more polluted than others. Pollution diverts the course of living, and of life, away from the nature of Nâm and generates on individual and on social level Disease, instead of Well-Being.

LivingNâm is helpful in removing the pollution and in purifying the Attunement, by means of generating Attitudes and Behaviour that Affirm the nature of Nâm.

Living that affirms the nature of Nâm involves appropriate consciousness about the relationship between the ‘Sense of I’ and the ‘Sense of the World’. It involves recognising the Purpose of Life. It involves an adjustment of the sense of Identification from the emotion- controlled Soul to the awareness-determined Heart. It opens an active management of Experience that allows a transcendental Awareness to emerge, to develop and eventually to flourish in the Well-Being of unconditional happiness, joy and love.

In the awareness of Nâm the life between birth and death is a stage within a whole. Today you are what you were yesterday and after death you become what you were in living. This is the key of the LivingNâm

Individual Well-being leads to social Well-Being. The endeavour to reach optimal individual Attunement in Nâm reflects in the Whole


The Four Steps of LivingNâm

1: The Affirmation
Nâm is beyond concepts. The only way to relate to Nâm is by means of an unconditional Affirmation: a ‘Yes’ beyond the ‘yes and no’. There is neither a ‘something’ that is affirmed, nor an idea that is confirmed. The Affirmation is the movement by means of which individual opinions are transcended and unconditional peace is reached in what is and remains unknowable.

2: Abbah
Abbah is the endeavour to bring Nâm, in attention, to the centre stage of living. In Abbah, Nâm is translated into the human realm of living. It is conceived of as a Beloved that is both infinitely intimate and infinitely wide. This Beloved is the ultimate Ideal and the direction of living. It is the reciprocity of Lover and Beloved that enriches and fulfills.

3: Asha
Asha is the endeavour to gradually see all the appearances and circumstances of daily life as expressing Abbah. Asha becomes a realisation to the degree that Abbah becomes more alive as an orientation that is determined by the bond of Lover and Beloved. This gradual realisation transforms Attitudes and Behaviour in such a way that they, from sources of pollution, become a motor for realisation and fulfillment. The realisation of Asha is strengthened by the Attitudes of Loving-Kindness, Gratitude, Service and Respect.

4: Attunement
Attunement expresses the transcendental nature of living as Nâm. With the appropriate Attitudes and Behaviour in the realisation of Asha, you gradually realise that you are the creator of your life and by means of your participation in Nâm, of all that is. The LivingNâm makes you familiar with the regularity of the overall and supra-material resonance. All activities, thoughts, emotions, desires, beliefs and opinions resonate in a field in which they are reflecting and are reflected back. Attunement closes the circle of Nâm, by means of which individual human life shares in the cosmic dance of Abbah. It is by Attunement that the Purpose of life is performed.

20 October 2018