March in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

30 april – 6 may:   Nâm Retreat of Silence

22 – 24 april: Weekend of Silence

9 april: Intervision


The Reflection Week

March started with a fully booked Reflection Week.
Our cook cancelled, because he was ill, but we were very fortunate with a quick replacement.
During five days we explored our relationship with ‘Totality’, without giving direct words to what it is or should be. It was a very beautiful week with insights that for some created an opening in the dense experience of daily life.

Active Service

After this week it was time for a big spring cleaning. We cleaned carpets and emptied the rooms that are going to be the new guest rooms.
Spring is inspiring us. Amonines immediately looks different when guests sit outside in the morning sun to have their breakfast and help in the garden during active service.

Guests are sometimes a bit wary when we talk about the active service during the introduction, but as soon as they are participating, they really become part of what is happening here, because it is in the daily work that we meet and connect. This way they experience the beauty of this place.



We repaired the waterfall, cleaned the pump and reinstalled the small wooden platform in the pont. This did not go unnoticed by two ducks. The ducks are becoming part of the ever growing family of doves, birds, birds of prey, raccoons and cats in the garden.

Next to the pond we have the vegetable and herb garden, which was hardly used last year. We cleaned the weeds and started sowing spring onions; happy to have cleared the way to a new field of possibilities.


Sustaining small shops
A vegetable/herb garden is a nice addition, but not the main function of our garden. We therefore still need to buy a lot of our vegetables in the shop. We decided to support the smaller shops in the region and are now ordering our vegetables in the bio-shop. Sustaining the small shops also means sustaining our own network of local independent entrepreneurs.


The beer incident
Yet another way of networking was the beer incident. Right in front of our door a truck passed and lost a pallet full of crates of beer. The road and the parking place was full of glass accompanied by a strong smell of beer. Right in front of our door a truck passed and lost a pallet full of crates of beer. Despite it happening on the doorstep and the hint it may have contained, beer is still not part of what we serve, but we will be very happy to welcome you with a nice cup of coffee or tea.