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When you die

~ A text by Yoginâm Frédéric Antonious ~

Heart stands at the crossroads of horizontal experience and vertical awareness. There is where it all happens. Heart is the you that you are.

This Heart is either totally absorbed by the experience on the horizontal level in the dimensions of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit, or it balances experience with awareness.

Without awareness of the spheres, experience is barren, dry and empty. Look how most people of the world are frantically searching for satisfaction in enterprise and entertainment in order to hide this emptiness. They can never fill the emptiness in this way, at most they can hide it.

And then… One day there will be the day of judgement! It will come to everybody whether you believe in it or not. At a certain moment you will die, then all pretence will fall away and you will be faced with what you are: you will stand in Heart.

I would not advise you to expect a stern monarchic judge sitting on a throne. This is the imagery of previous ages. Nevertheless

when you die the dimensions of experience disintegrate, and only the timeless dimension of Soul remains and the way in which it has been able to find its footing in the spheres.

The finding of such footing is not a strenuous activity that depends on an inherent or acquired quality. It is the very nature of what you are as a particle of living; it is based on a recognition, on an acceptance and a submission. All that is required is that you stop denying the fact that your life is an expression of the Essence through the spheres and that you support this recognition by a way of acting, thinking, feeling, and desiring that is in accordance with this recognition.

At this hour of death you sit in judgement on yourself, simply by being what you are. Do not expect something dramatic like a disaster scene in a Hollywood movie. You remain what you have been and that decides what is going to evolve.

I like to see it as an inner garden. Many people recognise this inner garden as the inner world that is shaped by their feelings but this is not the garden that I mean.

I mean the secret or sacred garden within the inner garden. The enclosed garden, the plants of which are fed by the effects of the inner feelings and inner thoughts. Feelings have an effect according to their true and often hidden nature. You may for instance feel fine but your joy may have been achieved at the cost of others. The effect in the secret garden will then be very different from that in the inner garden.

At death the door to your secret garden is opened and you will spend your post-life state among the ‘plants’ that you have planted there during your life.

There is no reason to live in fear and anguish for a final judgement but you have to realise that you have it in your own hand. When you sincerely try to make the best of it, even if you fail every now and then, this is enough. Life is not trying to make it unnecessarily difficult for you. That is why Compassion and Forgiving are such pivotal elements in all spiritual traditions.

Take up your position in Heart and continuously realise that you are at a crossroads. Horizontally there is the expression of the Sphere of Witnessing, in which you are an experience shaped by ongoing dimensions of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit. On this horizontal level you should manage these dimensions in such a way that there is harmony.

The appropriate management of the Sphere of Witnessing determines in what way the vertical spheres; those of Creative Imagination, Sovereignty and Guidance can filter through and find their full expression in Heart. When that happens Heart will be Abbah, which from the human perspective is the Well-Being of the Complete Human Being.

When during life Heart is Abbah, nothing changes at death because Heart is what you are. This is the deeper meaning behind the famous Sufi saying:

“When you die before you die, you will not die when you die”

10 December 2014