mediteren in de natuur Belgie

Weekends of Silence

‘In silence the inner world and the outer world melt into One’


Observing regular periods of silence can be very beneficial. The modern lifestyle with its flow of impulses often allows for little space to wind down. And yet such winding down is very important for the system. Without it the arranging and digesting of both the conscious and unconscious impulses remains incomplete. This may result in stress, anxiety, burnout, loss of meaning, depression and a host of other problems.

Therefore the Asharum offers several possibilities to be in silence, these weekends are one of those possibilities.

During these weekends absolute silence throughout the day will be maintained. In order to support this there will be a meditation programme and breathing instructions.

The following weekends are reserved for this:


January 11-13
February 15-17
March 15-17

June 28-30–> With a special summer programme in nature

“Being outside in silence brings the nature more inside!”

October 4-6
November 8-10
November 21-25 Nâm Retreat of Silence (5 days!)
January 3-5 2020

You are welcome on Friday from 13.00, there will be a warm lunch at 14.00. After a brief introduction on Friday at 16.00 the programme and the silence will start at 17.00. The programme will last until Sunday 15.00 (after lunch). The silence ends at 13.00.

During these weekends all meals from Friday lunch at 14.00 until Sunday lunch are included as well as coffee and tea. The price is for the whole weekend, for a single room we charge €50,- extra.

On this blog you can read more about the benefits of silence.


Please send us mail for more information & reservation: