Writer, philosopher, teacher

Hubertus studied Philosophy in Nijmegen to gain insight into what makes people develop. During his studies helping to bring questions into the world appeared to be more important  than the answers that were temporarily found along the way. Since then, he has been inviting young and old to make something beautiful out of their daily lives. He draws on more than fifteen years of experience in the study and practice of Living Nâm and on many encounters with Yoginâm.

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This week is inspiring in itself, a way to really unwind and recharge your batteries.

And for those who are open to it, this week can be the start of a new life, a different life, a powerful life under your own control in the midst of all the turmoil of the world. You can overcome uncertainty and gain strength based on a certainty that transcends truths and duality. This week you are invited to investigate and experience the transcendental reality of daily life for yourself.

Seeds can be sown this week, then it is up to you to continue taking care of them and allowing these seeds to grow and blossom.

More information about the programme can be found here.


Please note, these dates are only for the first hour of the course. For the following programme for the rest of the week you will receive extra information through the mail. 

The dates in 2022 are:

March 2 – 6

August 17 – 21

October 26 – 30

These weeks can also be participated in live on location Asharum Amonines.

The weeks are guided by Hubertus Bahorie & Irma ten Brink, both inspired by and implementing in daily life the vision and practice of LivingNâm.


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