Teacher theme- and silence weekends, supervision teacher, supervisor (personal) retreats and individual support.


Irma (1974) worked for many years as a nurse in various mental health institutions, both in acute admission wards, in long stay rehabilitation wards and at crisis interventions wards. She ended this career after working for four years in the anthroposophical clinic in the Netherlands.


At the same time, she set out to investigate the mystery of life. Through meditation and studies in hypnotherapy and shamanism she eventually found her guidance, meaning and purpose in the vision and tools of LivingNâm.


Irma has been guiding people in their search for wider perspectives in Awareness for more than fifteen years. For a long time she did this in collaboration with her own herd of horses together with whom she brought Transcendental Horsework. Nowadays she focuses exclusively on LivingNâm and is hostess in Asharum Amonines.


Her years of experience in both professional life and her own process of opening in Awareness, makes her familiar with many questions and obstacles that we can encounter and she knows how to guide people through and around them with the help of the instruments and the vision of LivingNâm..

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During individual online support Irma will look with you into your situation and together we will try to explore how the LivingNâm Vision and Instruments can be of help.


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