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Multi-day programmes

The Reflection Week, the Nâm Silence Retreat and the Weekends of Silence are also available to participate online. When you book one of these programmes you will receive a leaflet with more information about both the practical side and how you can prepare yourself. Please have a look in the agenda to see what program you would like to join.


When you visit Asharum Amonines, you can experience what it is like to be truly at peace. When you have been relatively quiet and turned inward for a few days, the difference from everyday life can seem great. A common comment from guests returning home is "it was wonderful this quiet, but I wonder how long it will last".

As soon as the demands of daily life call on you again, the peace and harmony seem to quickly evaporate. A repeated impulse can help to integrate that what you experience in the Asharum more and more into your daily life. To get this repeated impulse, you are welcome to visit the Asharum again, but you can also make use of personal support.

In personal support, a variety of tools can be used to help you return to a state of openness. This can range from conversation to silence and from exercises to meditation.

This personal support is also well suited when you sometimes experience life as difficult or troublesome and you have difficulty finding your way to more light and positivity. Dealing with private crises as well as world crises that have repercussions on personal life can be reasons to make use of this support.

This support is given by Irma ten Brink.

Personal support - how it works

If you choose personal support, we will schedule at least three appointments. These appointments can take place either online or at the Asharum.

The appointments last a maximum of one hour.

During the period when the appointments are scheduled, you can also have app-contact in between when needed. You send a message with what you are up against and Irma will send a message back, so you can move on. If a situation arises that makes it useful to have an extra appointment immediately, we will try to schedule an extra appointment at short notice.

The costs are 40 euros per appointment and you pay per series of appointments we schedule.


~ available April 2024 ~

In addition to Asharum Amonines, Asha Meditation is currently being provided in The Hague and Wormerveer. By April 2024, we expect to broadcast meditation from these three locations, so that you can regularly use online Asha meditation.

More information soon