Selfless Service

We like to encourage people to participate in the general work in and around the house. This is possible during a regular visit, you then take on a number of tasks at your own pace, at least an hour a day and of course that can be more.

If you want to come and work as a volunteer for a couple of months, or become part of a pool to help on a monthly basis, you will work on average about five hours a day.

Also during some events, such as the reflection week, a daily block is built into the programme with selfless service.

Why is it so important to participate in this?

The Asharum is a retreat center and retreat is not a goal in itself, it is a tool to transform yourself and work on your inner attitude and the resulting behavior that in turn comes from habitual programmes of perception.

Transforming habitual detrimental programmes into supportive programmes is what it’s all about and working within a very specific framework is ideally suited for this.

Selfless Service is therefore an instrument to work on yourself. In this way the meditations can be supportive to help transform or put in perspective  what you encounter in your work.


In the Asharum we try to live in attunement. By this we mean that we always realise that we are part of a greater unknowable whole.

This means that everything we encounter in working and in contact with others is part of us, after all it appears in our world.

Precisely active service, in which you encounter your own opinions and convictions, is then a constant exercise to find and to stay in attunement. What is more important, expressing my opinion or my keeping my attunement? It is an art not to get into an exchange of opinions with another, but to reflect on why this appears in your world and thereby come into acceptance.

You continuously test your attitude against the bigger whole or Totality by Listening to what this whole asks of you. The starting point here is always the willingness to adapt to Totality rather than the expectation that Totality will adapt to you. The manifestation of this is always in the everyday appearances. This will gradually become more and more visible during the work, where there is also room for conversation and communal exploration about these kind of things.

House of Transformation

Because attunement is the central focus for us, we can make our own interests and visions secondary to a higher goal. And this also causes you to look in the mirror of your own beliefs and convictions and see them for yourself.

With this attunement, it’s easier to do what you need to do instead of following your own likes or dislikes. This creates freedom; ‘getting what I want’ transforms into ‘wanting what I get’.

By finding attunement through the path of transformation, you develop an attitude of active service. This makes the Asharum a house of transformation.


Regardless of the type of work we do, we do it with full attention. It doesn’t matter whether it’s preparing a meal, cleaning the kitchen, guest rooms or bathrooms or working in the garden. It is the attention with which the work is done that can be felt as quality for the guests.

It is also said that what you pay attention to grows. That also raises the question, what do you want to focus your attention on?

Everything you choose has a certain resonance. That resonance determines what you create and comes back to you as your creation. We call this ‘resonance ethics’. When you choose to have a nice chat about small things, it has a different resonance than when, for example, you make a serious attempt to understand more about yourself.

The resonance ethic asks you to take responsibility for your own life and everything you create in it.

Work retreat

You can see cooperating during a regular stay or a volunteer stay as a work retreat, with which you serve a greater whole through the attunement and transformation. With this you cultivate in yourself an inner open attitude that always radiates “What can I do for you?”.