June in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

15 – 17 July:   Weekends of Silence

17 – 21 August: Reflection Week


Guest Workshops

These days we often have guest workshops. This means that people who are familiar in Amonines organise their own workshops and choose the Asharum as their location.

This time it was Stella with a fully booked shamanistic retreat. The possibilities for guest retreats are limited, but the popularity of the Asharum as a location is a nice indication of how the place is valued.

One of the participants of the shamanistic retreat:

I feel much more inner peace and tranquillity. I also notice that in daily life I feel less need to chat.

On a trip to Weris, Stella’s workshop


Lunchtime Stella’s workshop

An indoor class, Stella’s workshop


Sunny days

During the other days of June we had visitors, who enjoyed some truly sunny days. They joined together in the active service and adapted their rhythm to the summer temperature. They ended the day with a lighthearted walk in the direct surroundings of the Asharum.

One of the visitors about her experience:

The Asharum is not only a wonderful place to rest and feel cared for, it is also a place that clears your mind and brings you closer to yourself. Enjoy the beautiful garden!

Interested in the Oh Abbah book, during a regular stay


Active Service during a regular stay

A lighthearted walk during a regular stay


Garden expertise and enthusiasts

In the last week of June we had a visitor that knows a lot about gardening.

She amazed us how quickly and expertly she managed to prune the cherry tree and make room underneath so that the cherries will not get lost in the tall grass.

She also cleaned the vegetable garden and explained how to prune the berry bushes, which at the moment match our height.

The big work can begin (Frederique en Louise)

Garden work Sabine


In this same period we had more guests who really enjoyed garden work and together they got a lot of work done.

One of the visitors about her stay:

My stay in Amonines has been an important experience for me, a good place where you can become aware of things.

Cleaning around the pond-(Brigitta en Louise)

Cleaning the garden (Ingo)


Pea-plants and the capuchins are flowering, the salad is full grown and eaten every evening, the first courgette has been spotted and we all feast on strawberries.



Pea plant

Our pride


A Call

The garden is beautiful, big and wild.

There are things in the garden which we think need to be done by a professional, especially the trees. Should you happen to be such a professional then please pass by to have a look! You can reach us at: asharum@amonines.com



An account of Henny, who is here on a regular basis:

For almost two years now, I have been coming to live in Amonines for about two weeks a month. The work is varied, but the emphasis is more and more on chores. Amonines has become my second home. Important for me is the inspiration I get from the contact with the people who have the same orientation, this can not be compared to reading books about it or meditating.

I like to contribute to the maintenance of this place, so that the Asharum can be a place for everyone to learn about Nâm Living.


The reflection week

These days we explore life through our imagination. We will explore, reflect, be in silence together and create an experience which will make us wonder.

In the mornings we are more active with a specific programme, the afternoons are an invitation to reflect individually. This also offers the possibility to take a walk in nature or to enjoy a quiet afternoon in the garden.

Are you interested? There are still some places available!

For more information or to book, see here (https://www.amonines.com/en/event/nam-exploration-week/)