July in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

17 – 21 August: Reflection Week

14 – 20 September:   Nâm Retreat of Silence

26 – 30 Oktober:   Healing in the four dimensions – A five day intensive


Animals on our doorstep

On one of the hottest days in July, a dog appeared in the garden to cool down in the grass. We had no idea how he had got in, just as we didn’t know how a very old and not very agile cat had managed to get in. The cat already appeared in May, no more than bones and skin, asking for food, unable to make a sound, barely able to see and hear. Apparently she is here to stay. Imperturbably, she looks at the drinking water in the bucket in front of her, oblivious to people, cats and dogs around her.


Cat at our doorstep


New rooms

We were very lucky to have Wabke and Willemien in Amonines. They decorated the new room just in time before we had the first guest for the inauguration.


New decorated guest room


The second room has been given the name: ‘shabby chic’ room and will be used for staff, while it is still under construction. Thanks to Aglaia’s help it has already progressed a great deal.


At work in the ‘shabby chic’ room


Fully booked for the whole summer

This summer the Asharum was quickly fully booked. We have people for the Personal Yoga Retreat, for the Private Meditation Retreat and regular visitors. As part of the active service people can choose to work in the garden. The meditative aspect of garden work contributed to a ‘serene feeling of being at home’ according to one of the participants.


Two participants about their experience:

Four short days and the impression of having spent weeks there, of being at home. Everything is simple and warm in this house, time has stopped and has been replaced by sweetness. Yoga is taught with meticulousness and delicacy. Four short days of a life and the desire to relive them again and again.

What a place!
Here, yoga and meditation are not a trend, but a way of being. To withdraw in silence and enjoy the woody surroundings feels like breathing in and out, the warm hospitality and healthy meals are food for body and soul. Lay off all your superfluous layers and (re)discover what uncomplicated life is like. I return home with great gratitude.
Participant in the Personal Yoga Retreat


Fortunate accident: A good neighbour is better than a distant friend

When an incident caused the washbasin in our bathroom to break, it turned out to be a good way to renew contact with our neighbour Guy, who kindly offered to help us.
From previous experiences we were sure that the job of replacing the basin was in good hands, and that turned out to be true!


The Garden

The peas, capuchins and courgettes that were flowering at the time of the last newsletter have been harvested and eaten.
The sowing of the lettuce has been planned in such a way that they are not all fully grown at the same time. In this way the salad doesn’t get wasted and we can enjoy it over a longer period of time.



Our wish for someone to be involved in the garden on a regular basis has been fulfilled. Starting in September, Katrin will come ten days every month. It is a great joy for all of us, seen the wild state our garden.


Gardenwork at the pond


Would you also like to enjoy the garden? We have many apples this year and we expect them to fall in late September/October. Harvesting the apples will take a few weeks, after which we will have them made into apple juice.
If you want to participate in the harvest, make sure you book for a few days in October!


A Reminder

Nâm Academy has started the Book of Nâm series by broadcasting a new episode every first Sunday of the month in which a chapter of the Book of Nâm is explored.
If you missed one or more episodes you can watch the podcast on the website of the Nâm Academy. (https://nam-academy.org/podcasts/) The Nâm Academy publishes articles and organises lectures and study events on the work of Yoginâm.



The Reflection Week
These days we explore life through our imagination. We will explore, reflect, be in silence together and create an experience which will make us wonder.
In the mornings we are more active with a specific programme, the afternoons are an invitation to reflect individually. This also offers the possibility to take a walk in nature or to enjoy a quiet afternoon in the garden.

Are you interested? There are still some places available!
For more information or to book, see here.


Nâm Retreat of Silence
People often seek relief from stress by taking some time off. On returning to daily life, it soon becomes clear that nothing has changed. It is not about what you do, but about how you do it, finding the music behind the steps:
Live life like dancing to music
Do not try to remember your steps
But discover where the music
is coming from.
For more information of to book, see here.


Healing in the four dimensions

On the third of July ended the five day healing workshop, which was intens and beautiful.

In the words of one of the participants:

‘The programme is well prepared and designed. It gives you many different tools to bring you close to your true self or your heart. You see love and care everywhere. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a more meaningful life.’

You can join this workshop again in October 26-30.

For more information see here.


Berry branch in vase

Cutting vegetables

Cat on our doorstep 2