February in Amonines


It snowed for one day in Amonines. The temperature hovers around freezing point which keeps the snow on the ground. The reflection of the snow breaks the surrounding grey and provides much-needed light. It is quiet outside. Nature’s retreat has its own charm.

In reflection of the retreat outside, inside the Nâm Retreat of Silence was starting. There was a nice combination of three experienced and three new participants. Diving into the deep, without any previous practice was difficult and for some the stillness became a deafening silence. As often happens at such moments during a retreat, openings appear that can turn the situation around. In this case one of the participants decided to take a book from Yoginâm to her room, opened it and read precisely the passage which gave her insight and strengthened her intent. She closed the book and then surrendered to the retreat.


It is beautiful to notice there apparently is a relationship between the commitment to do a retreat and the wish to get involved, as became clear when almost half of the participants online and in Amonines offered their help for a specific weekend.



The yoga retreat appeals to a different group of people. They are often younger and more focused on relaxing than on asking questions from an inquisitive and open attitude. But there is also curiosity and the quality of this place is noticed and awakens a longing:

‘Peaceful, home-like, a place where you can quickly be yourself and feel welcome. I was completely fulfilled after my stay. The openings in terms of body and mind, experienced through well taught yoga classes made this experience a unique escape from daily pressure at home. Longing for more.’ E.

The inside

Retreating also means turning your attention inside but in this case I mean the interior of the house. It is time for major maintenance in Amonines. There are two leaks, the idea is to have new floors upstairs, guest rooms need to be painted, upholstery of sofas to be renewed. If you think you can offer help please let us know.


Receiving the Breath in Amonines

Amonines is increasingly becoming a place for people from all over Europe to learn about Living Nâm. Recently, we had people from Italy, Ireland, Sweden and France. When someone comes only for a second time – and all the way from Italy – explicitly to receive the Breath, we know there is a flow in Amonines.


“The Breath is a sound that is repeated inwardly in synchronisation with the physical breathing. The Breath can be infused to everyone who aspires optimal harmony in their orientation of living.
Breathing the Breath surpasses thoughts, emotions, desires and other kinds of human imagination. The Breath serves as an open door for life to take care of itself. As such, breathing the Breath is the most powerful and intimate instrument that you can use, because its direction is not linked to a rational or emotional meaning, but serves exclusively ‘openness’.”

Yoginâm on The Breath


Please feel welcome to inquire about the possibility to receive the Breath.