August in Amonines

After the incredible rains in July, with a lot of damage in this area, the sky is opening up bit by bit, nature blooms, and the Asharum is open more often.
Beautiful and welcome developments are the regular Belgian visitors, who sometimes are also interested to come and help as staff. Inspired by questions about volunteer work for over a longer period of time, we created a new page on the website about Active Service.


In this time of warnings to cross the border and navigating to stay open, we are also very happy to see people coming to Amonines again, to help, but also to participate in the Reflection week from August 11th till the 15th .
There was a lot of interest in the reflection week and it was for the first time since all the measures, that we allowed the Asharum to be fully booked, an old-fashioned sense of joy!



It was a beautiful week with a new programme based more on experiencing, than explaining concepts of Nâm. Zooming in on one aspect, which was Attunement this time, I am very much looking forward to the next!
In keeping with new developments, people also took part in a daily yoga class and some enjoyed a shiatsu massage to integrate the experience of Nâm, as someone mentioned.
For yoga or shiatsu during your stay, see our new page on the website.