August in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

14 – 20 September:   Nâm Retreat of Silence

25 – 27 November &

16 – 18 December:    Asha Meditation Weekend of Silence



August in Amonines

Amonines remains fully booked this summer. August felt balanced in the flow of people coming and going. At the beginning of the month in the hot August sun, guests piled up the newly ordered wood for the coming winter in the shed.



The garden
It is wonderful to see that visitors have heart for the garden and come back for it. This time the focus was on the trees.



We learned that the trunks of the trees are the lungs through which the tree breathes. If moss covers parts of the trunk, the tree will rot inside and die. It therefore is of great importance to clean the trunk, especially with regard to the fruit trees. Trimming the trees and remove dead branches is also helpful, since sunlight can come in and prevents moss from growing. And even the ants have a function in this, helping to clean the tree from inside out, in order to halt the rotting process.
It is amazing what a different look and feel this gives, as if the whole garden is breathing a sigh of relief.

Trimming a tree

Removing moss from the trunk

Removing moss from the trunk


Humidity and drought

The moss and the rotting process indicate a humid climate with high rainfall during most of the year. In combination with the extreme drought during the summer, this may lead to a serious problem, especially for the pines and conifers. The humidity during most of the year prevents the trees from rooting deep, which makes the hot summers very difficult for them. Many have branches which are completely dried up and brown. You can see this everywhere in the Ardennes, and the garden is no exception. Following the dry summers and the consequences for the garden, a proposal will be made and submitted that follows this new reality.


The garden without people


The vegetable garden

The late flowering plants in our garden have not let us down, the tomatoes are finally turning red and with their full flavour they are incredibly tasty!




Our beautiful, imperturbable cat has passed away. She has been taken care of with lots of love. With her softness she showed us what it looks like to be in complete acceptance. When we realised she was here to stay we gave her the name Vedi. Vedi has a place in our garden graveyard, together with the other animals that have gone before her.


A world without internet

Due to an incident, we were disconnected from the internet during the Reflection Week. GB bundles were quickly upgraded and hotspots activated to be able to continue the Private HarpMoods planned for this week. And to keep the Asharum accessible via email for questions and bookings. After more than ten days, I can assure you it is a relief to be connected to the world wide web again.


Disconnected from the internet



Nâm Retreat of Silence
People often seek relief from stress by taking some time off. On returning to daily life, it soon becomes clear that nothing has changed. It is not about what you do, but about how you do it, finding the music behind the steps:

Live life like dancing to music
Do not try to remember your steps
But discover where the music
is coming from.

For more information of to book, see here.


Healing in the four dimensions

In this workshop we experience how changing our perspective, even a little bit, opens up the potential to improve all aspects in our life.

We have to become aware that we are not beings that have an experience. We actually are experience itself.

Those who have been introduced to LivingNâm before, may have had a glimpse of the wisdom and value of consciously dealing with the different dimensions of experience. That which we also call SIWEB.

In its purified state the amalgamation of ‘I-World’ has the natural potential for optimally performing the Task of Human Living

-The book of Nâm, Yoginâm

You can join this workshop again in October 26-30. For more information see here.


Weekend of Silence

During a Weekend of Silence we have a daily rhythm of three Asha Meditations with rattle or drum and one HarpMood. These weekends give you the chance to unwind and reconnect with your essence together in a group of people with the same aim.
The next Weekend of Silence will take place from November 25 till 27.

For more information or to book, see here.


A restful moment