mediteren in de natuur Belgie

Why a Fasting Retreat

~ A text by Irma ten Brink ~

This morning somebody came to me with the remark: “people often say ‘you must listen to your body’ but this is nonsense!”.

In a way she is right. Life takes care of you by itself, in the Yoga of Nâm we call this Asha, the natural flow of Life.

However Asha shows you things and gives you information with which you should do something. When you don’t listen to what Life has to say Life cannot take care of you.

In this perspective what matters is your orientation. When body is your orientation you may listen well to the body but if you ignore all other signs Asha is giving you, this has consequences. Listening to and taking care of your body is therefore one aspect and should be seen as part of something wider.

From a spiritual perspective the most important thing in life is Living in Attunement which basically means paying attention to your transcendental nature. When this transcendence, which we call Nâm, is your orientation your body (and your mind, feelings, ideas and beliefs) is placed in service of this transcendence and in order to function well it needs to be taken care of. Asha shows you how to do this. The listening is the difficult part for us because you need the right orientation and attunement for that.

For this reason the Fasting Retreat is a combined programme in which we take care of the body with a diet and Zhineng Qigong, but we also attune to our transcendental nature using Nâm-meditation, contemplation, the Jewel and silence as main instruments in order to learn to listen better to what is needed in the present moment.