October in Amonines

Asharum Amonines Journal September

How can I write, I wonder, about the Asha Meditation Weekend and the Nâm Retreat of Silence, which took place last month, when it all is about something we cannot consciously know, because it is beyond our own parameters with which we experience and give meaning? How can we know ourselves beyond the rational knowing?

Talking about the meditation programmes and silence is already giving direction when we associate it with wanting to quiet the mind. And as soon as you aspire to quiet the mind, it will elude you.

So what do we offer with the programmes of Amonines? We create a space to say ‘yes’. To say it in the words of Yoginâm, this ‘yes’ is not a yes of agreeing, or a yes of knowing, or a yes of liking. It is a yes of inviting. Whatever is, is. I am ready.



This is where the silence comes in. Not a superimposed silence, but an invitation to step out of whatever identity pattern most of us are stuck in. In each conversation or a sharing of opinions we easily build images, losing sight of our fluidity in daily life when it concerns identity. Not encouraging personal talk and inviting silence helps to not hold the other in a particularised and limited way, simultaneously de-solidifying ourselves in the process.

Asha Meditation is not about silencing
it is about letting go and expanding
Towards the natural state that you are
By releasing the constrictions
That consciousness naturally imposes on it



The Nâm Retreat of Silence in September was the first retreat where the Asharum was simultaneously open to regular visitors. The coming together of the Nâm Retreat and regular visitors had a positive effect on everyone involved. The regular guests were able to lean into the resonance of the Nâm Retreat getting an idea, beyond words, of the benefits of such a retreat. And though the regular guests were really considerate and quiet, their presence still was a good reminder for the participant of the retreat to turn inside and connect to the silence within.

A very special silence retreat to feel and experience all kinds of things.
There is so much more…
Pure loving silence. It cannot be described in words.
Being with others took me even more inward.
What a wealth to experience this, I am very grateful!
The silence and submission I will take home with me!

Participant Nâm Retreat of Silence


Sometimes we first have to step out of the world to see that we are that world… The presence of this all embracing shift in perspective is what brings a different value and more lasting meaning to your visit of Asharum Amonines.

Most of the time the most obvious is hard to see and we keep looking elsewhere. Then a reminder of an ‘inviting yes’ may be very welcome. For this purpose we have our programme with meditation, silence and retreats available for you in this journal and for those who’d rather plan ahead the programme for 2024 will be soon online, including a relaxing summer programme. Keep an eye on coming journals and the website!


The fourth step involves the discovery that all searching is useless unless you fully turn to Abbah. The descent of the Love of Abbah remains incomplete as long as it is not met by the ascent of your love. The Beloved needs a lover in order to be the Beloved. Herein lies the secret of living. The treasure of Abbah remains hidden and inactive as long as it is not found.