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Asharum Amonines Journal October

A Gradual Transition

October was the month of apple sauce and rain. And Walnuts. And three weeks of Dutch and Belgium autumn holidays. The new season has clearly entered our life, while the previous one has not yet found its closure. The gradual transition allows for a beautiful mixture of all kinds of mushrooms in one part and flowers still colouring the garden in another part. Leaves are falling, while other vegetables are still growing or are ready to be harvested.



Guests helped to peel the apples and were delighted with the applesauce at breakfast, lunch and for dessert and as a souvenir to take home. This week we sterilised the last jars and now we have an army of jars of applesauce in the cellar. Like the apple trees, the walnut tree also has been, and still is, very generous with its walnuts, which are now occupying one of the staff rooms to dry.



One thing leads to another when you collect walnuts from the barn roof and see all the fallen leaves, which is rich compost for the garden. It is a wonderful spot sitting alone on that roof, collecting leaves, with autumn setting in all around and within:

Autumn. Nature is clearing out and letting go. I follow her example and let myself be carried away in silence in that process. I focus my attention on what I see, feel, smell and hear and become totally absorbed in it. My energy expands into the energy of nature, is absorbed and digested into it, as one inseparable organic whole. Something opens up within me, space is created. A space that fills with renewing energy, like an endless universal force. A healing experience!

Thanks again for an inspiring and enjoyable stay (the food was delicious!)

A Guest



More leaves and more apples….


This month there also was the exceptional opportunity for a family-visit of people since long involved with the Asharum, and of course apples are the main theme, this time in the form of apple turnovers…



Autumn also seems to bring back the need for contemplation and meditation. The two events we had in October met this wish for reflection. The first event was the ‘Breath meditation weekend’ with an intense programme of six meditations per day, alternating between silent breath meditation and breath walk meditation. This programme is well suited for people who have received the Breath and for people without the Breath, but with some experience of meditating.

The second event, ‘Discover meditation’, follows the pace of the participants in exploring forms of meditation on different levels. With room for silence as well as questions, this event moves from a meditative to a practical focus. One of the forms of meditation that was introduced was the breath walk meditation, mentioned above, provoking a relieved and happy:

Oh, I can also do this at home!


Who is coming 28 November – 3 December?

During this period Katelijn is in Nijar, therefore we need someone to share the work with in Amonines. Let us know if you are able, willing and available for this period. Mail to: