January in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

February 18-20:        Weekend of Silence, still a few places available.

March 2-6:                 Reflection Week, still a few places available.

April 30-May 6:          Nâm Retreat of Silence


About the Reflection Week
The upcoming Reflection Week is designed to unwind and recharge your batteries. The programme contains reflection exercises, meditations and silence as tools to reflect on life’s questions.
You are invited to investigate and experience the transcendental reality of daily life; Overcoming uncertainties and gaining strength, based on a certainty that transcends truths and duality.
The Reflection Week can also be followed online. You will participate in all programme components and we help to create the right ambiance at home for a powerful experience.


January in Amonines

January started with the Nâm Retreat of Silence at two locations (Belgium and Spain). In Amonines we were with sixteen people, including staff and residents and we decided to divide the group in two, one group meditating upstairs in the shrine and the other group downstairs in the meditation room.



It is the first time we did this during a retreat, we therefore were very happy to hear that there was a strong feeling of connectedness from all the participants with each other and with the retreat in Spain. Someone even said: ‘Best retreat ever!’ The meditation room in Spain was kept available online all the time, which supported the experience of connectedness.


On the last day we got a wonderful surprise in Amonines, waking up to a beautiful, still, white morning.


A Nâm Retreat participant wrote the following testimonial online:


Asharum Amonines is for anyone who is in need of deep relaxation and wants to experience love and wonder about life, the surroundings and themselves. It is a place where you can recharge and it has this special quality that you receive what you need at that moment. A magical place that you must visit once in your life. Thank you very much, I will definitely come back for beautiful events such as the Weekends of Silence“.


After the retreat, Amonines was open again for regular visits.
One of our guests this month already comes since a long time in Amonines. For her Yoginâm and his energy in the house is very important. She also mentioned that the people in the house keep to themselves, enabling her to do the same. Having practiced this during her visits over the years, she can now bring this quality back into her daily life.
Another guest came for the first time to Amonines. She came for a yoga retreat and though she was actually very tired and slept a lot, it is remarkable how much she experienced. On arrival, she immediately felt at home. For her every room had its own atmosphere and, depending on how she felt, she chose a specific place to sit down. The yoga made her feel powerful and physically relaxed. To meditate was a new experience and asked a lot of energy, but it also brought her mental relaxation. A nice example she gave is that after the meditation she could understand a text that before she was not able to read. Finally, she described eating in silence as the best part of her stay. She is a slow eater and most of the time she doesn’t finish eating on time or eats too fast. Now she could eat in silence and at her own pace, leaving her feeling completely satisfied until the next meal.

We love to share this beautiful place with others and are open between Tuesdays and Sundays for regular visits throughout the year. We are quickly fully booked these days as we only have five rooms, but we are planning to create two extra rooms this spring!


Hope to meet you in the near future!