stilte retraite weekend

Fasting Retreat for women as spiritual instrument

~ A text by Irma ten Brink ~

Attuning to your spiritual nature is just as natural as building your house, taking care of your children and preparing your food. When there is a lack of attention to the spiritual in the daily affairs there is an imbalance which can cause unwell being in the widest sense of the word.

This is much unknown, many people are unaware of their spiritual nature and are completely caught up in their daily activities.

A period of fasting combined with specific instruments for attunement can help in becoming more aware of our spirituality which is transcendental by nature.

Becoming Aware

As human beings we are transcendental by nature, however as long as we are too busy with daily affairs, we think we have an identity of our own, that we are like actors on a stage thinking there is a me and there is a world. This by itself is a very dualistic way of thinking that can create a lot of problems.

For example we might think ‘the world is against me’, ‘why does this always happen to me’, ‘they are doing things wrong, only I can do this right’ or ‘I am doing everything wrong and they are doing it right’ etc. Everything is coloured through expressing ‘me and you’, ‘them and us’ and ‘I’ is always up front. This is not helping at all and actually it is not natural anymore once you grow older.

Becoming adult is a physical development and you can give an age to it. However there is also a spiritual growing up which involves responsibility and awareness of your natural and transcendental state.

This is an awareness which cannot be studied in books, you can only find out by searching for it and longing to become aware which is a longing to Return Home. Your spirit will then, through your intent, lead you to it and then trust will take you even further. Everything step by step.

A fasting programme which guides you in a certain way can be supportive in this Returning Home.

The healing aspect

Sometimes healing is necessary before one is ready to become wider aware of one’s spiritual nature.

The specific instruments can help in cleansing the body both physically and mentally. This in itself can be a strong healing experience and therefore a good preparation.

For example the diet brings healing to the organs, Zhineng Chi Qong activates the self-healing ability, Nâm Meditation can untangle and transform habitual programmes of perception and emotions that can be brought to the surface during such a week, silence brings the mind to rest and the Jewel gives a strong direction in vertical attunement.

The quality of a female group

Well-Being is not to be found in gender issues and attachments but in overcoming duality which includes overcoming your gender (issues) and opening yourself for the wisdom that flows in the Oneness of which you are part. This means recognising you are a transcendental human being in the first place.

For men and for women whatever needs to be overcome can be gender related. This means the spiritual quest can be different for men and women. Therefore it is helpful on such occasions to join together in a group with the same sex.

Both men and women who are in their natural strength have overcome themselves, are beyond attachments like emotions and are able to open the door for wisdom.

Someone once told me:

“Men on a spiritual path need a journey in order to Return Home.
Women on the other hand only have to Remember their Home in order to Return”.

Whatever is needed, it is the Returning Home that matters!

The benefits of such a fasting week

  1. A fasting programme with a specific diet to which you should keep yourself, invites you to become more disciplined, it challenges your spirit and by holding on, you wake up your spirit and make it stronger.
  2. The combination of instruments have a strong healing potency both physically and mentally.
  3. You have to let go of certain ideas and longings like food you like to eat or think you need to eat. The diet is boring which causes you to go beyond the dualistic idea of liking and disliking, it can bring you in something more neutral which can cause a shift in awareness.
  4. During the fasting programme, next to the fasting there are other important activities which help you in making this shift in awareness like Nâm Meditation, Zhineng Chi Qong, the Jewel and Silence.
  5. There are fewer distractions because of the specific programme. The instruments help you to go inward and to discover a deeper inner silence. In this inner silence you can find a certain form of guidance which is very subtle, but once you have found it you will know and from that moment on you will always be able to go back to it as long as you make an effort for it. The gate to wisdom is opened.
  6. This going back we can call Attunement. From then on it is not about losing the silence and guidance but about searching and finding it again and again.
  7. Sharing such a period with women only can be a strong invitation to Return Home and become a human in her strength. It can create an atmosphere in which one can feel safe and encouraged, even in moments of vulnerability.

The circle round

This brings us back to the beginning of this article, paying attention to both your daily affairs and your transcendental nature. Only when both get equal attention there is a balance and the door to wisdom will open.

When you start making a habit of looking for this inner guidance you start to attune to something that is beyond yourself, beyond ‘you and me’, ‘us and them’, ’me and the world’ and beyond ‘I’. Something that is bigger, wider and beyond everything that can be grasped or understood.

Once you have become familiar with attuning to this it will start colouring your life and will give a much deeper quality to it. You will become aware that life is running through you and you are life’s servant.

There is an old Arabic saying expressing this which is often quoted by the mystics in their poems:

“My hands are Your hands and my feet are Your feet”.


By Irma ten Brink
February 6 – 2018