Extra options

It is often possible to book a Yoga class or a Shiatsu massage during your visit. These are given by Katelijn, who provides active service in the Asharum. As such, she tries to live LivingNâm in vision, attitude and practice. However, the activities themselves are not part of LivingNâm, as they do not belong to the tools of LivingNâm. Therefore an invoice will be sent separately for these activities.

Zen shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage and literally means ‘pressure through the fingers’.

Based on the holistic Chinese view that health is supported by a free flow of life energy (ki) in the meridians,  the approach takes into account the total body, mental health, emotions and living conditions.

With targeted pressure, light manipulations and stretching Katelijn addresses the ki in the body. When the energy balance is restored, the self-healing capacity is supported.

Shiatsu often leads to greater body awareness, an experience of deep rest and more space and freedom of movement.

Zen shiatsu is distinguished by the importance of an inner quality, the presence of the masseur in full attention.

When Katelijn is available, a Zen shiatsu massage can be requested while staying at the Asharum.
A massage costs €75 for 75 minutes, this includes an intake.

Yoga class

Katelijn has a background in critical alignment yoga.
Good alignment means that the posture is carried from the centerline. In her teaching and in her own development she experienced that every body is different and there is no objective centerline. In class she therefore looks at what suits your body and what it needs at that specific moment.
Her experience as a shiatsu therapist is also reflected in her classes. This means that sometimes she highlights certain meridians and/or acupuncture points to emphasize or clarify an aspect of a yoga practice.

When Katelijn is available, a yoga class can be requested during a stay at the Asharum.
The times for the lessons are 8.00 am and/or 5.30 pm. A lesson costs €10,-

About Katelijn

Katelijn likes to share bodywork as a yoga teacher, shiatsu practitioner and respiratory therapist. She believes that these practices are interrelated and have effects on both the physical and mental well-being.

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