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Individual Healing Programme

January 3, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

- €823

Individual Healing Programme

Are you experiencing psychological problems in your life?

Or recurring difficulties?

Do you always experience the same undesirable reaction from yourself in recurring situations, a reaction that is triggered for example by a previously suffered trauma, and do you want to get rid of it?

Have you had therapies that only gave you insight but did not solve the problem?

Or do you have a more general, somewhat more abstract feeling, a desire for wholeness, completeness?

Then an Individual Healing Programme which can be booked throughout the year is something for you.

Why this Healing Programme?

This Healing Programme is powerful and very special. Yoginâm is a modern mystic and is perhaps the only one or one of the few who offers such a Healing Path, which has an individual character and is therefore adapted to the individual.

Healing is not primarily about the technique that is applied, but about the state which the healer, who actually does nothing more than ensure a good attunement, is in. And that makes this process so special and different from many other healings and / or processes.

Yoginâm is available to those who are open to it

Yoginâm, a contemporary sage and the founder of LivingNâm, has achieved with his life a constant attunement in the ‘infinite unknowable’ in which everything shares and found a way to enter into an intimate and at the same time infinitely wide relationship with this ‘infinite unknowable’. This means that people can experience healing, inspiration, guidance and enlightenment in his presence.

Some experience a sharing in his state of Being as the most pure form of Love.

Yoginâm is also the guide for some to discover, shape and permanently deepen this most intimate and infinitely wide relationship.

This Healing Programme offers both the healing and the self-healing possibilities

  1. During this Healing Programme you will receive from Yoginâm three powerful healings and two repeating impulses to deeply consolidate the healing.
  2. You will also receive the very helpful LivingNâm vision of life including instruments that are keys to creating a different life for yourself and your loved ones and to heal yourself further and stay healthy in the future. Keys that allow you to take control and prevent problems or to solve them better from now on. A vision of life with which you can even contribute sustainably to the world as a whole.

During the Individual Healing Programme the following is included

  • Three healings spread over a period of six months. You stay at least two nights at a time.
  • Two private HarpMoods within the same period, you stay at least two nights at a time
  • During one of the days that you are present you can receive the Breath of Purification, this is optional
  • For this you travel five times in a period of six months to the Asharum where you will stay in a private room for at least ten nights in total.
  • You will receive the book Dimensions of Experience
  • You will receive a small syllabus with relevant texts
  • You will participate in one of the planned weeks of reflection (a five day / four nights intensive) in the Asharum where an introduction is given to LivingNâm

The Healings, the private HarpMood and possibly receiving the Breath of Purification take place through online meetings with Yoginâm through image and sound. These encounters happen completely without words in order to be able to directly touch other layers of being, for this Yoginâm uses the harp, rattle and sometimes a drum. The sounds are the vehicle of the resonance that Yoginâm sends out with his Being and they have a strong healing quality.

The week of reflection in which an introduction is presented to LivingNâm is given by people who have been inspired by Yoginâm for years and who endeavour to live his vision in the practice of daily life.

The introduction is based on Yoginâm’s latest book “The Book of Nâm” (expected in the bookstore fall 2020).


Total price (excluding ten nights and additional costs) € 823

You need ten nights stay for this trajectory, we recommend that you buy the annual ticket of € 300, – this gives you a 40% discount on accommodation costs.

During your stay meals, coffee and tea are included

Any additional costs

Breath of Purification € 100, –

Any additional nights can be booked for € 50 per night

You can bring your own linen package or rent it for € 14, –

Read more about Yoginâm and LivingNâm on his website and in the blogs.

How to book:

After buying this Healing Programme and separately the annual card for the ten nights you will receive six codes by email which are used for the five weekends and one reflectionweek.

With these codes you can book your visits including the three Healings and private HarpMoods (Click this during the booking process in the extra options).

The codes automatically expire after a maximum of six months and with that your rights also expire, so plan your days in good time because it is also possible that the Asharum is not available or fully booked (of course in some situations an exception can be made on these conditions).

The book will be sent to you immediately after payment.

If Yoginâm is not available during your reservation we will let you know as soon as possible.



January 3, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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January 3, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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