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Healing in the four dimensions – A five day intensive

June 29 @ 1:00 pm - July 3 @ 7:30 am

- €595
Spring in Belgium


Do you want to ‘come home’?

If these words resonate for you, if you feel a longing to ‘come home’ then this might be the intensive you are looking for.

During five days we will work with different instruments which will all complement each other and with the aim to heal what needs to be healed in order to become whole, or in other words ‘to come home’.


“Thanks for holding this space of light, love and divine intelligence. Thanks for the meditation on the harp music in the temple, it reconnected me in a deep way with my divine essence. Thanks for bringing this feeling of coming home.”


Becoming whole

How can we heal, that is, become whole, if our perception is already fully based on a dualistic perspective to begin with? There is an ‘I and another’, an ‘I and a world’, a ‘nice and a not nice’, a ‘right and a wrong’, ‘yes and no’…

On the one hand, we perceive this dualistic perspective and it seems as if the world is like this. This while at the same time we are so connected to each other that we can hardly or not distinguish which thought, opinion or feeling is of ourselves or someone else.

These days we will explore how we can become more conscious of how perception works. Through this exploration we can discover how we can manage all this in such a way that we can heal ourselves and start creating a different life.

Through meditation skills, body awareness, energy management and healing techniques we will help you make a first foundation and from there built a bridge to re-connect with your natural state. Restoring this connection, from our perspective, is where the meaning of living can be found.

What you can expect:

  • You will be challenged to overcome your own judgements
  • You will get the opportunity to play with perception in a save way
  • Through healing you will start building a strong new foundation from where you can continue living more authentically
  • The instruments will help you build a bridge to inner stillness
  • Clearing the way to reconnect with the natural state

In the afternoon there will always be room to experience the beautiful nature of the Belgian Ardennes yourself, nature is of course also a powerful healer.

We often hear back from participants that these days are strongly grounding.

These days are set up in such a way that they have strong healing quality and therefore also grounding, this is often also the experience of participants. Besides this you will be given tools and insights that can help you after the intensive to continue the healing at your own pace.

What are the instruments during these days

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Do-in (a combination of exercises and self-shiatsu massage)
  • Breathing exercises
  • Energy management to center
  • Causal Vision (a powerful and age-old healing technique)
  • Personal guidance
  • The resonance of nature

What is included:

  • 4 nights comfortable accommodation
  • Daily full board vegan meals

For whom

Many aspects related to perception are from our perspective the foundation of a truly authentic spirituality. Healing and strengthening this foundation is a powerful way to continue on your path. Therefor this intensive is perfect both for the beginner and for the advanced in the field of meditation, yoga and spirituality.


Many of the instruments we will use are developed by Yoginâm. The intensive will mainly be practical, but we certainly recommend you to read his book ‘Dimensions of Experience’, a newly edited English edition will be published this summer.

The intensive will be guided by Katelijn Nieuwenhuijzen and Irma ten Brink, both guided by Yoginâm and trying to implement his way of life for many years.



June 29 @ 1:00 pm
July 3 @ 7:30 am
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June 29 @ 1:00 pm
July 3 @ 7:30 am
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