January in Amonines

Amonines is in anticipation, it promises to be a great year with the possibility of Yoginâm coming to Amonines this summer. At the moment, nothing more than a rumour, but it sets the imagination in motion and evokes a longing that we can only answer with patience as an expression of our Gratefulness.



The Garden

The garden of Amonines is resting. Especially during the few weeks of cold, ice and snow it was mostly looking at the garden, contemplating and making plans for the new season. Encouraged by the beautiful yield of tomatoes we had we are looking for ways to grow more vegetables for the kitchen. A bit of a challenge since the space is limited. There are also projects to be carried out like realising a new lining for the pond and cutting back the wall of coniferes on the south-east side of the garden.

Coming up in 2023

Last month we have been planning the Agenda for the coming year. Here is an overview of all the events for 2023. We very much like to welcome you and are looking forward to seeing you in the new year ….

Reflection weekMarch 22-26

July 5-9

November 15-19

Nâm Retreat of SilenceMay 1-7

June 6-12

September 13-19

Nâm Weekends of SilenceFebruary 3-5 (Asha Meditation)

March 3-5 (Asha Meditation)

March 31- April 2 (Breath Meditation)

May 19-21 (Asha Meditation)

September 1-3 (Asha Meditation)

October 20-22 (Breath Meditation)

November 3-5 (Asha Meditation)

Nâm Feasts of Lightjune 20 -22

december 20 – 22

Discover MeditationApril 27-30

October 12-15

Personal Meditation RetreatWhenever available
Yoga Retreats, 3 daysFebruary 28 – March 2

March 17-19

March 28-30

April 21-23

May 16-18

May 23-25

September 22-24

October 13-1

December 15-17

Yoga Retreat, 4 daysFebruary 16-19

April 6-9

September 28 – October 1

October 26-29

November 23-26

December 23-26

Yoga WorkshopJanuary 27-29