December in Amonines

For many December is a month of holidays and celebrations. We celebrate life during the Feast of Lesser Light on December 21 and this year we had a beautiful Feast, accompanied by an online gathering with Yoginâm. We like to believe that specially for this day the sun wanted to shine and pushed away the clouds.

We were also delighted to have a house full of people this month. Lately our visitors have been coming from America, Brazil, Turkey, France and of course Belgium and the Netherlands.

Major renovations we leave up to Asharum Nijar these days. However, we had a short visit from Goran who made a quick stop to repair the ceiling in our Arabic Room that was about to collapse. Satisfied with the repairs, but fully covered in dust, we had to clean the house thoroughly. Afterwards we took a walk to clean our lungs as well. We walked in white landscapes, changing from snow into mist, and from dense forestation to grasslands covered in frost. Winter provides every year a beautiful scene in the Ardennes.


2022 starts off with a fully booked Nâm Silent Retreat with Yoginâm; a very concentrated meditation programme in which the different instruments of Nâm are strengthening each other.

We have a lot of activities ahead of us like the Reflection Week in early spring when nature starts to bloom again. A reflection week combines a meditation programme with daily activities in the Asharum and moments of reflection. It provides the environment in which the instruments of Nâm can be explored in a natural, everyday context.

Grateful we are for being able to share this beautiful place again and again and especially now we experience stronger than ever the importance of a place where time can stand still for a moment to enable you to reconnect with your true nature.


“Coming to the asharum was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I came in looking for silence and found so much more. The silence forced me to take a closer look at myself and be a true observer of my own thoughts. Big thanks to those who make such a place available”.



Wishing you beautiful holidays and a wonderful New Year!
Team Amonines