April in Amonines

Coming up in Amonines

29 June – 3 July:   Healing in the four dimensions: A five days intensive

15 – 17 July:   Weekends of Silence


A new generation

In April a new, younger generation came to enjoy Amonines. They brought with them a cheerful, easy going atmosphere. The huge pile of extra ordered wood was effortlessly transferred from the parking spot to the barn woodshed. And in the evening musical instruments appeared with which they made beautiful soft music.
The atmosphere that was thus created perfectly matched the guests we had. They enjoyed the social happenings, the work outside and the ease with which they became part of the natural flow in which life presented itself.
We see more often that young people visit Amonines as a result of the goal we set together with our stagiaire in 2019.



In the garden it is happening

In the celebration of spring, the garden attracts people and animals. The ducks, already mentioned in the previous newsletter, began to build a nest.
After reading on the internet what 2 ducks and 12 chicks would demand from us, the garden, and especially the pond, our initial enthusiasm dropped considerably.
Now that the nest was there, we made a first attempt to protect it from birds of prey, but our intention is clear: we don’t want that nest in the garden. And it worked; the mother has left the nest, but they do keep coming to rest and eat.

A lot of seeds have been sown, except on the ‘non-gardening’ days, as indicated on the biodynamic calendar. On these days we decided to weed and turn the compost, with which we could not do much harm.

With the summer ahead of us and our experience of an extremely dry summer in 2020, we placed two rain barrels to collect the water from the gutters and use it in the garden.


Regular involvement
There is a very nice development with regard to Active Service. Katrin helps with the work in the garden and to plan and organize. She intends to come more regularly, to be involved in the longer term. We enjoy this a lot and hear from Katrin that it is a deepening experience in her relation to Amonines.
In the kitchen we have the help of Isabelle. She comes every Saturday to cook lunch or supper. It is of great help and gives room to get other work done. Living close to the Asharum and coming regularly gives her the feeling of being embedded. She says it is an important connection for her in these times.


Upcoming events
We are looking forward to the five day workshop Healing in the four dimensions at the end of June. In this workshop we will work with various tools for healing and the theoretical framework of SIWEB. Instruments include meditation, yoga, causal vision and energy management.
The grounding effect of the healing and insights into how you can deal with perception helps to build a bridge in order to reconnect with your natural state and create a different life.
Restoring this connection is where the meaning of life can be found.

You want to heal what needs to be healed in order to become whole, you want to experience the feeling of ‘coming home’? Then come and join us!

The weekend of Silence in July needs no introduction. After another of such beautiful and fully booked weekends, we can only advise you not to wait too long if you want to participate in July.

[Foto van YoonHwa en Leila]

Spring is already here and summer is coming, we hope to see you in Amonines!