April in Amonines

A prolonged feeling of winter

March felt a bit like time got stuck in February. The weather could not decide if it wanted to give us rainy or sunny days, there were a lot of gray clouds, but when the sun came out we got warm ….

Our first visitor in March

Our first visitor was not what we expected. Unable to talk to us, it was still obvious he had lost his way and clearly intended for us to take him home.
Our winged friend first appeared in front of the window where we could see him, then proceeded to our doorstep and as we opened the door and came out, he briskly walked by our side. We took him across the road to the field behind our parking place, and then all the way to the neighbours where he lives

An Australian flavour

Besides our regular guests, meditation and yoga retreats, we had a special visit from Australia, from Irma’s sister and her family. 
The children, being used to outdoor life, helped in the garden, made firelighters from birch wood for the fireplace and picked dandelions for an evening salad. Everybody had a really good time.


The vegetable garden is being reshaped. There will be paths to make it accessible, even for those who don’t exactly know the difference between herbs and weeds. In this way it’s easier to find what we need for the kitchen or explain what to do for guest during active service. By using the new paths we also avoid to disturb and harden the soil on which our vegetables are going to grow.

Liege express

One of the older residents of Asharum Amonines had a serious fall which resulted in him having to be admitted to hospital in Liege. We have good hopes of his recovery.
This event necessitates a lot of hospital visiting for us, so we were overjoyed to have offers of help.