Do you wish to have a regular meditation rhythm but are you struggling to facilitate this on your own?

Because we hear this very often we decided to facilitate this on a regular base to help you start up.

Two times a week you can join in on our thirty minute meditations naming Wednesday's and Sunday's at 10 am. This can help you find a rhythm, the other days you can then more easy facilitate yourself.

Asha Meditation

If you are not yet familiar with Asha Meditation, the form we will use, you will need to receive some instructions. You can either do this by first booking another of our programmes, in al our programmes and during visits AshaMeditation is included. Also you can learn the Asha Meditation on other Nâm locations such as Asharum Nijar and in the near future locations in the Netherlands.

Ask Info € 5.00 30 min.


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