Observing regular periods of silence can be very beneficial. The modern lifestyle with its flow of impulses often allows only a little space to wind down. And yet such winding down is very important for one’s well-being. Without it the arranging and digesting of both the conscious and unconscious impulses remains incomplete. This may result in stress, anxiety, burnout, loss of meaning of life, depression and a host of other problems.

Therefore the Asharum offers several possibilities to be in silence.

During these online silent retreats we advise you to be in silence as much as possible. This includes, no reading, using your devices  and doing things you ordinary do but do not need to be done. Prepare yourself beforehand by taking care of a clean and tidy house, make sure  your shoppings are all done and let people know you are not available for a few days.

In order to support the silence there will be a meditation programme which is streamed through Skype. Also the online meditation room will be open during the day, experience learned this is very supportive in bringing the presence of the meditative atmosfeer of the Asharum in your house too. 

When weekends are fully booked we will invite Yoginâm for a live HarpMood through a Zoom Connection. This will give these weekends a powerful extra impuls and makes them even more special then they already are!

‘In silence the inner world and the outer world melt into One’


The programme will be as follows:


16.30 Welcome & Introduction

18.30 Asha Meditation


10.00 Asha Meditation (or live HarpMood)

12.30 Asha Meditation

16.30 HarpMood

18.30 Asha Meditation


10.00 Asha Meditation

10.30 Conclusion

Ask Info € 75.00 4 hours


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